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Best Types of Fabric for Hoodies

by Ameli

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You can wear a hoodie with just about everything, and it’s a great investment. A good hoodie is always soft, cozy, and inviting.

Whether you’re lounging at home or doing errands, a hoodie can be worn wherever your day takes you.

If you’re going to be wearing a hoodie, you’ll need a fabric that is soft, compact, airy, and sweat-absorbent. 

It’s important to consider how you wear your personalized hoodies before making a selection for fabric. Understanding the intended use of your item will guide your decision.

Each fabric offers varying levels of breathability, durability, and flexibility, so understanding the function of your garment will help you choose the right one.

Our guide to purchasing hoodies will cover all you need to know about hoodie fabric, as well as  listing some popular options.


A fleece hoodie is a great option for a warm, cozy hoodie that doesn’t make your skin feel suffocated on chilly days. Fleece is a winter fabric, yet it doesn’t seem thick since it’s so soft and cuddly.

Fleece is also compact, so it allows for breathability. This means that sweat can evaporate from your body while wearing one of these hoodies, which makes fleece a popular winter fabric.


In the world of clothing, cotton is without a doubt the most widely used material in the world.

Cotton is a natural fiber that is very absorbent. It is manufactured from the cotton plant. Cotton hoodies are mostly used as casual clothing and as sportswear in the United States.

Even during strenuous activity, the material aids in keeping the body dry. Also, if you are working for an extended period of time, a cotton hoodie will keep you comfy and prevent you from being weary from your task.

Given that cotton is a lightweight material, it allows the body to move with great freedom and flexibility.


Source: Pexel

Nylon is one of the best fabric options for hoodies because it is lightweight and durable. It also has a high degree of breathability, which makes it perfect for activewear.

Nylon is a synthetic fabric, which means that it doesn’t absorb sweat as natural fabrics do. This helps keep you dry and comfortable while you’re wearing your hoodie. Moreover,  nylon is tough, so it can handle all types of activities and weather.

A large hoodie that’s made with nylon will be lightweight and comfortable without the bulk. A hooded sweatshirt made from this fabric is a great choice for wearing in cool to mild temperatures.


Spandex is a stretchy synthetic fabric, sometimes referred to as elastane, which is the fiber’s namesake. Spandex contains Lycra, which gives it flexibility and stretch.

Spandex works best when blended into other fabrics because when used alone, spandex has limited durability and lifespan when exposed to wear and tear.

Blending cotton with spandex is an easy way to add stretch and flexibility to a hoodie. This is commonly seen in athletic apparel.

The spandex helps make the cotton more durable and allows for a greater range of motion during strenuous activity.

Polyester/Cotton Blends

Polyester and cotton are both synthetics, so it makes sense that they’re blended together into one fabric.

This blend offers many benefits: It maintains its color well, resists fading from environmental factors such as sunlight, absorbs sweat quickly, and dries rapidly.

Because polyester is water-resistant, it keeps your body dry even when you’re covered in sweat. This will help prevent chafing throughout the day as well as other discomfort caused by build-up under your clothes.

Polyester can be blended into other fabrics, such as cotton. It gives the fabric extra stretch while still offering breathability and comfort.

Cotton/Spandex Blends

Source: Pexel

A blend of cotton and spandex is another great option because it offers the benefits of both fabrics without any disadvantages.

Cotton provides breathability, making you feel dry throughout the day despite strenuous activity or exposure to the elements.

Spandex adds flexibility for added comfort when moving or working out.

When blended together with polyester, cotton becomes more durable than if used alone like many natural fabrics are. This helps make your hoodie last longer regardless of how often you wear it or wash it.


Wool is one of the best natural fabrics for hoodies because it is warm and breathes well, even when worn against your skin.

Wool has a rich history in clothing because it has been used for thousands of years. Besides its comfort benefits, wool is also very durable and can withstand all types of weather conditions.

People who suffer from allergies should consider wearing wool to prevent irritation triggered by other materials, such as cotton or polyester. Wool is naturally water-resistant, which makes it an ideal fabric for avoiding saturation during exposure to rain or snowfall.

Also, because wool doesn’t lose its shape easily as many synthetic fabrics do, this makes your hoodie last longer without any significant wear and tear.

The best type of fabric for a hoodie depends on what you’re looking for. We hope this article was able to clarify some of your confusion!

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