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Can You Get A Pimple On Your Tongue? 6 Quick Ways

Can You Get A Pimple On Your Tongue

Having pimples on your face is difficult, but how can you live with a pimple on your tongue? The painful bump on the tongue causes irritation or inflammation and heightens your emotions to pop it. However, neither you can pop it, nor you should try as bacteria will spread in your mouth, increasing the chances of having more pimples on your tongue. Whether you are a parent or child, the situation stays the same. Target rid of the small substance on your face, and read the article till the end. 

Is It Possible To Have Pimple On Your Tongue 

Yes, there is a possibility of having pimples on your tongue, but there is no problematic health condition to worry about as pimples on the tongue are not contagious. Pimples on the tongue come in different shades and sizes as they can be white, yellow, red, or black, and they can appear anywhere on the part of the tongue; all of them are explained in detail below: 

Yellow Pimples

Yellow pimples result from prolonged e cold, oral herpes, soreness, appearing in any part of the tongue, mouth, or lips; the yellow pimple is a sexually transmitted disease that will cause red blisters.

Red Pimple

The most commonly occurring pimple on the tongue is the swollen red pimples that may break into the clear fluid that will form the scab after a few days.

Black Pimple 

Black pimples are allergic reactions, tongue piercing, oral cancer, fibroma, hyperpigmentation, injury, or tongue trauma. 

White pimple 

White pimples on the tongue can be scattered, and clusters can be large or small. They can be more than one.

What Causes A Pimple On The Tongue? 

 From creating irritation while eating and drinking to causing immense pain in the throat, there are multiple reasons for the white, yellow, red, and balck pimples to occur on the tongue:

#1: Oral thrush  

Oral thrush, also called Canadian or fungal infection, will result in red pimples as the reaction of your taste buds is disintegrated; the oral thrush can be on the side of the lip, back, or tip of the tongue.

#2: Allergies 

Pimples on the tongue can be the symptoms of allergies in the mouth due to lip care products or certain food items. It can additionally be considered an immune response.

#3: Viral infection or STDs

Various viral infections (like flu, cold sores, oral, herpes, fever, sore throat, weakness, and fatigue) can cause pimples on the lips and many areas of the mouth.  

#4: Canker Sores

Canker sores or mouth ulcers are a byproduct of food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, viral infections, stress, or hormonal changes that creates a small lesion at the base of gum or the tissue in your mouth.

#5: Kawasaki Disease 

Kawasaki, also called mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome, produces a giant red pimple on the back of the tongue. These bumps also affect the lymph nodes and the mucus which embraces the mouth and the skin. Bloodshot eyes, diarrhea, joint pain, fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, cracked lips, and redness of the palms are considered some of the primary symptoms of Kawasaki Disease.

#6: Hairy Black Tongue

Hairy black tongue is caused due to the buildup of yeast or bacteria, resulting in black, yellow, white, and red pimples, bad breath, metallic taste, tickling or gagging sensation, and hairy appearance of the tongue. 

#7: Leukoplakia   

In Leukoplakia, there are some white patches or pimples on the tongue or inside the cheek or the bottom of the tongue. Chewing or smoking tobacco contributes to the occurrence of Leukoplakia. Some patches can be the early sign of cancer, affecting those with weak immune systems.

Treatment For Pimple On The Tongue

Pimples on the tongue can be cured if necessary precautions are taken. Some of the points that aid in providing you relief are: 

#1: Keep Hydrated 

Being hydrated can help reduce the bumps on the tongue and reduce inflammation. Drinking at least 8to10 ounces of water daily will provide the necessary water intake to the body that will help you get rid of the toxic chemicals and aid in curing. 

#2: Gargle With Salt Water 

The most effective way to get rid of pimples on your tongue is to gargle your mouth with salty water. The salty water will have a counter-attack on the pimple, reducing inflammation. 

#3: Maintain Proper Oral Health

Oral hygiene is a must when you are facing pimples on your tongue. Brushing your teeth after every meal and using an antibacterial mouthwash to remove bacteria will remove the left-over food particles and aid in keeping your mouth clean and healthy. Natural mouthwashes like lavender oil, thyme oil, and peppermint oil can be used to maintain oral health. 

#4: Herbal Supplementation 

Many herbs can help to remove the pimple from your tongue, for example, the elderberry, astragalus, oregano oil, goldenseal, goldthread, and echinacea. All these herbs will help you to remove the pimple from your mouth.

#5: Homeopathy

There are different homeopathic that can treat the pimple on the tongue like you can take Linux, vomica, Urtica, and Arsenicum albums. 

#6: Mint leaves 

Chewing mint leaves before sleeping will help shrink the pimple’s size, reducing the pain.

Foods That Can Worsen The Pimple On The Tongue 

#1: Fatty food: Over-eating fatty foods can cause pimples on the tongue, so it is better not to eat hydrogenated food, saturated food, or fried foods to avoid pimples on the tongue.

#2: Acidic food: Acidic or spicy food will worsen the condition of the pimple on the tongue, so avoid

 eating food that is high in caffeine or citrus.

#3: Dairy or Sugar Products: Facing pimples on the tongue, try eliminating the sugar and dairy products as they react to your immune system. 

#4: Additional Food Items: Allergies are the most common reason for tongue pimples, the food items which trigger the allergies are wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, or shellfish.  

How To Remove Pimples On The Tongue? 

Unfortunately, there is no treatment for removing pimples on the tongue; you must be patient and let the tongue heal naturally. Inevitably, pain and irritation can be painful so try to use an ice pack or take medication to numb the pain or apply ointments, which will give you a refill for a short period.

Can Children Also Have Pimples On Their Tongue?

If children under the age of 5 have pimples on the tongue, it can be contagious and spread to other family members. The symptoms are the same as regular pimples.


There are chances that you can have pimples even on the tongue, and there are many types of pimples like white, yellow, or black. There are various causes and symptoms of having pimples on your tongue, which are explained in these articles. So kindly read this article till the end to know the author’s view. 

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