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Do’s and Don’ts for Playing Slot Machines

by Tom
Do's and Don'ts for Playing Slot Machines

Slot machines are highly popular casino games in both land-based and online casinos. They are fun and cheap to play and do not require extensive knowledge. You merely have to insert coins into the machine and spin the reels. Some players believe that understanding the patterns of slots increases the chances of winning. Whichever the case, keeping in mind some helpful reminders will allow for a more rewarding experience.


Start with a small wager

It is best to start with a small bet and work it high up. Your chances either go down or up as you spin and wager. Learn how to play with it, and by placing a small bet, you can eventually increase it until you win a high amount.

Take advantage of the free slots

Free slots work in online casinos, and regular players have the option to know the amount a machine extracts as fuel. This attracts more players, and online casinos use this to widen their platform. Beginners use free slots to practice or try new games. The points they earn are redeemable as winnings or for using other slots. Some even offer weekly prizes. For example, you may try a free version of Fire Joker at CasinoDays to get the feel of an online slot.

Take breaks

Taking a rest between sessions helps players enjoy a game. Rushing will take the fun out of it. Instead, grab something to eat or drink as it enables you to relax.

Go for maximum bets on the jackpot

In progressive jackpots, a part of your wager goes to the overall jackpot amount. In some slots, you are qualified for it, but others require players to wager the largest amount to be eligible. For instance, in 3-coin-dollar slots, you need to bet more than two coins. In 3-reel slots, you need to wager high. Either way, make sure you qualify for the jackpot when you wager.


Don’t assume slots have patterns

Anything can happen with every spin, so do not assume that there is a particular pattern on how they work. Whether you bet on slots with higher payouts or without, they are the same. These machines are programmed to operate randomly, so you won’t really know how they will work.

Don’t overspend

Manage your bankroll, and set a budget. Since you cannot predict outcomes, slots can be very unpredictable. So expect to lose and bet only what you are willing to lose.

Don’t miss out on bonus offers

Online casinos offer generous bonuses that make them more fun to play. Listen carefully to the sound of bonuses. These are side games or special rounds triggered by specific symbols on winning combinations.


Digital and land-based slots are RNG-powered. There is no special trick to turn the odds in your favor. They are 100% based on luck. The best thing to do is pick a game that you find fun to play and keep an eye on your bankroll. That’s because of all casino games, slots are the only ones that are about pure chance.

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