Home Finance Personal Finance: Why Are Boku Casinos Popular Among Players?

Personal Finance: Why Are Boku Casinos Popular Among Players?

by Tom
Personal Finance Why Are Boku Casinos Popular Among Players

Boku is an online casino payment solution that lets casino players top up their accounts directly from their mobile devices without needing a bank credit or debit card, or digital wallet. 

All you need is a mobile phone number, and you can deposit as little as £10.00 into an online casino cashier that accepts the Boku payment method. Let’s dive straight in to learn more about this online payment solution and why Boku casinos are popular among players.

Do online casinos accept Boku?

Yes. A growing number of fully licensed and regulated online casinos accept Boku as a viable deposit option. However, this trusted mobile payment method can only be used for depositing, and only relatively small amounts can be deposited.

Is Boku a reliable casino payment method?

Yes. However, it’s better suited for beginners new to online casinos who want to try depositing and playing for the first time. You can find a complete list of new Boku casinos for beginners on the official NewCasinos.com iGaming review site. 

Some of their highest-rated Boku Casinos worth checking out the reviews for are the following tried and tested sites (in no particular order of importance):

  • Skol Casino 
  • Winners’ Club Casino
  • Winstoria Casino
  • Alexander Casino
  • NineCasino
  • Bitvegas Casino
  • Betstro Casino
  • Axe Casino
  • Art Casino
  • Mostbet Casino

Other trusted Boku Casino that have been carefully handpicked by a dedicated team of expert researchers and reviewers that you can also find unbiased reviews for are Lucky Spins Casino, 500 Casino, Fight Club Casino, FireVegas Casino, LuckyBell Casino, Bitsler Casino, LiveCasino.io, Sultan Bet Casino, and BitSpin Casino, to name just a few. 

How do I use Boku to top up my online casino account?

Topping up your online casino account with Boku couldn’t be easier. First, check that the casino you want to send money to accepts Boku. You can find a complete list of payment methods in the cashier/banking section. 

If you can’t find this area, try contacting the casino’s toll-free player support; they should be happy to point you in the right direction. If they accept Boku, click on the Boku [Pay by Mobile] option to proceed with the transaction. 

You will then automatically be redirected to Boku’s payment panel, where it will ask you to confirm you wish to deposit the amount, say £10.00. At this point, you will need to confirm the amount you wish to deposit by entering your mobile number into the required field.  

You then need to click the continue button (or cancel the purchase if you wish to go back and choose another payment method). If you have already deposited at this casino using Boku, the number you entered the previous time will already be stored. 

If it’s the same number, click continue, or change the number if you need to, and then click continue. It’s that simple. Your mobile device will then receive a simple SMS text message that wants you to authenticate the payment. 

All you need to do is reply ‘Y’ to the number within a maximum of 15 minutes. It’s a great security measure that prevents anyone who has your phone number from being able to deposit. The ‘Y’ text you reply to complete the transaction is free of charge. 

You should now see your online casino balance has been topped up. The cost will either be added to your next mobile phone bill or deducted from your Pay As You Go credit. 

The fact that you’re only confirming the payment with your phone by SMS means that pretty much any mobile phone in the world, from a Nokia 3310, for example, to a brand new iPhone 15 can be used to deposit with Boku. 


If you’re keen to use Boku to deposit at any of these casinos, don’t forget that you will still need a reliable withdrawal method to cash out your winnings because Boku can be used only for deposits. 

In other words, if you’re serious about playing at an online casino on a regular basis, you may want to choose a reliable, secure, user-friendly, and convenient payment method that processes deposits and withdrawals. 

Examples include popular APM (Alternative Payment Methods) such as PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller, which are also classed as digital wallets, web wallets, or electronic wallets. Bank transfers are also popular among online casino players, and the credit/debit card option is also popular. 

The best thing to do would be to choose a method that would be most suitable for you by reading the reviews for each payment method, finding out how they work, and the pros and cons for each method to see which is best before finally settling on which method to use for deposits and withdrawals.

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