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Preparing to Have Laser Eye Surgery

Preparing to Have Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery may have been something that you have been planning to have for a while. Or, it may be something you have only just started seriously thinking about. Whatever point you are at on the journey to laser eye surgery, it is important that you focus on the preparation as much as possible. The more preparation and planning you do, the more peace of mind you will gain along the way.

What Surgery is Appropriate and Suitable For You

To get the journey off correctly, you will need to think about what surgery you want (and what surgery or treatment is right for you). There are lots of factors that can have an impact on the type of surgery you have. For example, you may find that cataract surgery is beneficial and necessary for your eye health. Or, you may find that LASIK surgery is more suited to rectify your nearsightedness. Taking suitability tests, checking overall eye health, and answering quizzes are all going to help you find the best (and right) solution for your eye care and eye health.

Where You Will Have Treatment or Surgery

After establishing what treatment you wish to have done (or need to have done), it is time to start thinking about where to have surgery. For example, are you going to have LASIK eye surgery Harrisburg? Reaching out to clinics, and talking to eye health specialists and professionals will help you decide where the right clinic is for you. After discussions and consultations, you may find this is close to home, or you may find it in another state.

Discussing Your Medical History

You must discuss and share your medical history at all laser eye surgery appointments. You may find that this has a bearing or impact on the type of surgery you want to have done. Being open and clear about your medical history (at all times) is going to help the medical professionals establish the best solution and treatment for you moving forwards.

When Can You Have the Surgery?

There is no perfect time to have surgery, but there is a right time. The right time will be when you have some time off work or some free space one day or one afternoon. Laser eye surgery can often be done within a day, and recovery times are often quick. Planning when you will have the surgery carried out and making sure it doesn’t clash with anything else going on in your life ensures you can give it your full dedication and effort.

Reduce the Use of Contact Lenses Before the Surgery

In anticipation of having laser eye surgery, you may wish to stop using contact lenses as much and begin preparing and protecting your eyes. Giving your eyes a rest from harsh contact lenses may be something that may be beneficial in the run-up to your surgery. Before reducing your usage of glasses or contact lenses, you must always consult a healthcare professional to ensure you are doing the best thing.

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