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Tips to make your solve faster

by Ameli

These Rubik’s Cube tips can help you significantly improve your  Rubik’s Cube resolution time. These are usually aimed at beginners who use the novice solver method, but they are also useful for experienced solvers. If you still don’t know or have forgotten how to solve a Rubik’s cube, we’ll show you how to solve a Rubik’s cube. Let’s get started.

  • practice, practice, and  practice. 

Practice is the only way to improve your resolution time. There is no workaround. Practice is required to reduce the resolution time. However, the following tips will make your practice much more effective. Without them, practising may not take you that far. Remember most of these tips Show success only after a little practice. 

  • Get a high-quality Rubik’s Cube. 

The resolution time depends on you and the cube. Let’s focus on the other one. A stiff, spinning cube that is always stuck increases resolution time dramatically. In addition, high-quality cubes make practice much more effective and enjoyable, making it much easier and more effective to perform tricks like finger tricks. Read my “Best Speed ​​Cube Guide”. This guide describes the best cubes on the market, what to look for in cubes, and the cubes used by world record holders.

  • Know the algorithm from the bottom of your heart. 

Practice until you can run the algorithm without thinking about notation. To do this, run the algorithm several times. After a while, you can run the algorithm using “hand memory” without worrying about the notation. The resolution time is greatly reduced. 

  • Look ahead. 

Resolving time is divided into two parts: the algorithm’s execution time and the time it takes to start executing (look for the next part to understand which algorithm to use from which angle). Algs execution time is basically a matter of practice and good technology. Just keep practising to tackle it. The “thinking” part is another story that many are unaware of and can take up to half of the total resolution time. To reduce “thinking time”, you need to do the following: Instead of monitoring the resolution of the running part of the current algorithm, it begins searching for the next part to resolve. It runs a  bit slower towards the end of the algorithm, making it much easier to find the next part to solve while working with the current algorithm. This slowdown triples that value in the time saved in the thought part, even for those who solve the cube in less than 10 seconds. 

Example: In step 3, when loosening the edges of the middle layer, do not look at the edge piece to loosen completely and start looking for the next edge piece to loosen. Ultimately, you’ll see success before you finish running the current algorithm. This way, after finishing the previous algorithm, you can start the next algorithm immediately without wasting time. It’s not easy at first and requires some practice and implementation of Tip, but implementing this hint can significantly reduce resolution time compared to any other hint. This is one of the key factors in resolution time of less than 1 minute, less than 30 seconds, and even less than 10 and 20 seconds. (This tip is most often valid at step 23, but it’s still very effective at every step)

  • Use finger tricks. 

This tip is intended to reduce execution time. This is achieved with finger tricks. Finger tricks mean making one movement (rotation) with one finger, not the entire hand. The simplest finger trick is to do a U or U` with your right/left index finger. Most finger tricks will eventually occur naturally as you practice, but recognizing them will shorten the process. However, there are some finger tricks that are not trivial and require some practice to be implemented in the solution. You can rotate all faces by flicking with your finger, but this may require you to change the grip of the Rubik’s cube in your hand. Implementing finger tricks will significantly reduce the execution time of algae. 

These tips are the most important factor in resolution time as a beginner. Try incorporating them into your solution. Analyze the solution. This is the best way to find a place to improve your solution and that way you can save time continuously.

With these easy and ideating steps, solving a Rubik’s cube would be a cakewalk. 

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Happy cubing!

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