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Tools to Move Heavy Machinery Easily

by Jasmine
Move Heavy Machinery

Tools to Move Heavy Machinery Easily. Heavy machinery moving is a difficult task. To transport and handle heavy machinery is one thing. To transport it in its perfect and functional state is what makes the job trickier. There are a few tools that can help move heavy equipment a lot easier. In the end, it is not completely about the strength and endurance of a vehicle that matters for transporting heavy equipment. Rather, it is how smartly and efficiently you design the process for safe and quick transportation.

Smart work involves using the right tools for moving equipment easily. There are other trolleys that can carry up to 600kg like a hand trolley check it out here. In this article, we have discussed tools to make the process easier. Let’s take a look.

1. Forklift

A forklift can perform a really difficult job quite easily, which otherwise requires a lot of manpower. Forklifts make heavy lifting easier because their basic functionality includes moving heavy objects around within a building. Although forklifts cannot transport equipment over a distance, yet they are significantly helpful in making long hauling easier. They are used to load heavy machinery on the transporting vehicle and make the loading process easier.

2. Skates

Other than forklifts, moving heavy luggage around becomes easier with the help of skates. These are the same as their name suggests. Boards on wheels allow equipment to be moved more easily, conveniently, and without requiring that much effort. As skates can glide and slide across the floor, they don’t require human labor to pick them up and carry them over a distance. You can have skated with steering, detachable handle, and 360-degree rotation for more convenience and ease.

3. Roller Skids

Another tool that can help transportation of heavy equipment is easy is roller skids. These are very similar to skates. The only difference is that these skids can bold heavy machinery to provide extra support. The skid can be loaded using a forklift or toe jack to ensure that the roller skids can be slid into place. The skids are attached to the machine once it is lowered back so that the machine can be moved around freely and easily.

4. Lift Buddy

Remember the PIVOT scene from FRIENDS? Well, a Lift buddy is helpful in situations like PIVOT. When you need to work on machinery around the corner, lift buddy makes the job easier. It is similar to a jack that is used to lift objects from one side. While lifting the equipment with lift buddy, you can further move using skates and glides.

5. Toe Jacks

In case you don’t have a forklift handy with you, toe jacks can save the day. They are used for lifting the corners of equipment so that you can place skates or roller skids underneath them. Its functioning is similar to Lift Buddy however it operates differently. A toe jack acts like a car jack, used to lift items using a hydraulic lever. Some jacks come with a swivel feature to allow more accurate and precise positioning of equipment. They can lift up more load, and can perform in areas of low clearance or high clearance.

6. Lifting Straps

These tools provide more harnesses to equipment being lifted. This means even if there are two people available for moving equipment, you can do it well using lifting straps. With adjustable loops at both ends, the labor moving machinery can lift luggage over their shoulders, while straps are attached to equipment to prevent it from falling. Straps allow the distribution of weight, which then takes off the pressure from the human back while providing stability. Straps can hold up to 700 pounds.

7. Air Bearings

Air bearings are connected to a platform carrying the weight. These tools minimize human effort by lifting the equipment using continuous airflow. The air bearing is ideal for lifting tricky equipment or machinery with uneven weight distribution.

8. Hand Truck Dollies

Machinery that is not oversized but super-heavy can be moved conveniently using hand truck dollies. There are different types of moving dollies that are used for different purposes. Furniture dollies, appliances dollies, and machinery dollies are some of the examples.

9. Flatbed or Moving Truck

This is the truck you might have seen around transporting luggage. It is commonly spotted on roads because it is used for multiple purposes. For example, if someone is shifting home they will transport luggage using a flatbed. This is perfect for moving luggage over a long distance. It is a simple truck designed to carry a lot of heavy items.

Final Words:

Heavy machinery moving is a tricky and difficult job. It requires professional expertise as well as the right tools to move machinery safely. Lawson Inc. is a reputable Sacramento Warehousing service that is also Large Equipment Movers. You can rely on our expertise and experience for safe machinery moving. For more information or get a quote you can content Lawson Inc.

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