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Video Production in Denver For Creative Content

by Hassan
Creative Content

There are many ways companies use video to their advantage. Video is, after all, ubiquitous on Social Media and you can find it almost anywhere you look on the Internet and broadcast TV. Video can be an effective tool, from promoting or demonstrating a product or service to fundraising for a non-profit or NGO. Nothing engages viewers as effectively as a well-conceived and well-produced video and there are few places as prepared to help you create your video than this  Denver video production company

Video Is Hot, But Why?

It is much easier for most people to watch and learn from videos than it is from reading text. This holds true, especially when it comes to Advertising Agencies and Clients who require their video products to deliver results to the bottom line: Said another way, to move the needle. 

These facts and stats will help you understand the potential benefits of using video to advertise and market for your brand.

  • Video is dominating content marketing. Video has replaced blogs and infographics.
  • 87% of video marketers believe that video drives more visitors to their sites.
  • 80% of video marketers believe that video directly drives sales.
  • A staggering 64% of consumers believe watching videos increases their chances of purchasing a product.
  • Video has 200% more shares than text and links combined.

The benefits of using video to promote products and services has been with us as long as there has been the technology to create video: And the future seems brighter than ever.

 Why Hire A Video Production Company?

You can always make your videos yourself. But before you do you’ll need to purchase quite a bit of expensive camera and audio gear, along with lights, microphones, expendables and more. For editing your footage you will also need to purchase a high-end graphics computer; audio & video editing software; and a number of large-storage hard drives. You can contact Double Jump Media for this purpose. They will be necessary to hold all of your high-res video footage that you’ll be shooting for your project. But using your new camera to capture content, not to mention putting it all together in your new edit bay, requires a high level of expertise. Expertise gained only after years of hands-on, practical experience.  

Or, you can contact a Denver video production company and let their experts do the heavy lifting for you. In the long run you’ll find it’s far less expensive and frustrating than trying to shoot and edit your own video. And you stand a much better chance of having a successful outcome if you hire the right team.

Professional video production companies know how to make the most of the resources they are provided: They’ll make sure your videos are the best quality they can be for the money you have to spend.

This Denver video production company is our first choice and here’s why:

  • You’ll end up with a video that is unique and stands apart from the myriad videos that clog cyberspace today.
  • You will receive advice and help with conceiving and writing your video from a proven professional with many years of experience producing videos in Denver and elsewhere. 
  • You’ll be hiring Producers who are pros at compelling storytelling and engaging your target audience. 
  • You’ll be working with experienced Copywriters who are very familiar with the art of creating compelling, effective Scripts and Storyboards.
  • Your video will be created to best reflect the highest standards of your brand’s identity.
  • From our experienced camera and sound crews, to our editorial department staffed with editors and graphics animators who strive to produce only the best possible video for their Clients, you’ll be in capable hands with this Denver video production company.

What Are The Differences Between Explainer And Instructional Videos?

  • Explainer video: An explainer video is a short, eye-catching, often animated video, created by an organization to explain a product or service. Explainer videos are often placed on a landing page or a website’s home page: You’ll find explainer videos posted almost everywhere across the social media spectrum.
  • Instruction video: Visual explanations are the best way for someone to grasp something. It would be much easier to watch a video than read the manual. An instructional video can be a great way to improve customer satisfaction with your product or service and make your company appear as an industry expert.

Which Video Style Should I Choose?

  • Your first step to finding the best Denver video production company that you can afford for your project, and one that is capable of producing the type of video you need for your product or service, is to do a little research. Check out their websites and spend some time watching their showreels.  
  • By watching their reels you can quickly understand their strengths and weaknesses of each organization. For example, one production company might be perfect for animation but lacks skills in live-action video production: While another is far better for live-action and has little experience producing animation.
  • By seeing for yourself the work a Denver video production company is capable of producing, you can decide if their style is a good match for you and the video you want to produce.
  • And yet, there are a handful of Denver video production companies capable of doing both animation and live-action video production. A quick look at their reels and a few questions for their Producer should be enough for you to made a solid determination.

Animation vs Live-Action Video

  • Why animation? Animation can make it possible to tell riveting stories, communicate emotions and deliver complex ideas to any target audience in a unique, easy-to-perceive manner that nearly everyone can understand.
  • What style of animation is best? Animation can run the gamut from simple, flat cartoon characters such as Disney’s “Steamboat Willy” to PIXAR’s full-fledged style with high degrees of atmosphere, realism and visual resolution, such as you’ve probably seen in “Toy Story” or “Cars.” And of course, there are myriad style variations in between. 
  • Determining which is style is best for your video: That will depend on your timing and your production budget because the longer lead times necessary with such a time consuming process can quickly lead to a very costly video. The key to affordability is finding a Denver video production company that understands you and your budget and has the necessary experience to know how to create compelling animation effectively. And, as mentioned earlier, there are only a handful of Denver video production companies capable of doing both animation and live-action video production so please conduct your research so you’ll make a more informed decision.
  • Producing the best live-action video: Live Action Video involves the use of modern high-resolution video cameras to record live action scenes of subjects in varying locations under different lighting conditions. The best Denver video production companies working in live-action video are those who can see “The Big Picture:” Meaning the more different kinds of production your Producer, Director of Photography and Audio Engineer have experienced, the more likely they will be to produce a well-crafted live-action video for you. It gets back to research, look at their showreels and ask lots of questions. If they are serious, they’ll take the time to make sure you understand everything about your live-action production and what’s involved. From casting, to shooting, to finding locations, etc., an experienced video production company should be able to satisfy your video needs.


In order to get the most from your video production budget you will always be better served by working with an experienced video production company. The outcome of your video will be largely determined by the company’s years of experience combined with their willingness to satisfy a Clients’ needs. Remember, not all Denver video production companies are created equal so let that be your watchword, start by doing your homework.

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