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What You Need To Know Before You Buy Your First Pair of Skis

by Tom
What You Need To Know Before You Buy Your First Pair of Skis

A pair of skis can be used for a variety of purposes, including as transportation to travel across snow and ice more efficiently than on foot alone. 

Skis are also typically used for recreation, such as racing downhill or jumping on moguls over the ski hill.

Types of Skis You Can Buy

Modern skis have evolved over the years to be able to handle different terrain and weather conditions with greater control and less risk of injury.

As with most sports, there are many different types of skis you can buy in order to get out and enjoy your time on the slopes. 

If you’re not familiar with all of the different options, it might be worth hiring some ski packs from companies like Park City mountain resort ski rentals, and this will allow you to get different skis and see which ones you like the best.

Types of ski gear include:

Alpine skis

Alpine skis differ from their more regular counterparts in that they are designed for skiing on loose snow and rugged terrain. They are lightweight and can be used for both downhill and cross-country skiing.

Protection skis

Protection ski boots (also called full boots) are designed to securely attach you to the ski when traveling downhill. 

They are typically made from a combination of leather, plastic, and fiber.

Avalanche Protective Gear

Avalanche protective gear is designed to help you dig yourself out of an avalanche if you are caught in one. It includes items such as a transceiver, shovel, probe, and even a backpack to carry it all in. 

This gear is vital for those who enjoy going off-trail to find the best spots to ski down.

Backcountry Skis 

Also called backcountry touring skis, these are designed for those who enjoy skiing outside of the ski resorts. 

Their lightweight, wide design is far more forgiving than downhill skis and also allows for greater control over the terrain.

Downhill Skis

Downhill skiing is performed on steep slopes, utilizing a specialized pair of skis and bindings that can be linked to a snowboard or paraglider. 

The bindings allow you to lock your skis together so that they almost become one piece with the snowboard or paraglider, allowing you to negotiate faster speeds on a wider range of terrain.

Should I Buy Used or New?

When it comes to skiing equipment, many people find that buying pre-owned (second-hand) is the best way to save money. However, there are pros and cons to buying new or used gear.

Buying Used: The Advantages

If you are on a budget, buying a second-hand item can often be the cheaper option. 

If you visit your local sports store or travel to an auction house, you might be able to get something in excellent condition at a fraction of the cost. It would be brand new. 

Buying New: Advantages

The age of the equipment does not determine how well it will perform. 

You might want to stick with the top brands, like Atomic Skis, as they have a good reputation for quality gear.

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