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Mobile Buying Guide 2022: 15 Things To Consider Before Buying A NEW Phone

15 Things To Consider Before Buying A NEW Phone

It’s 2022, and the phone manufacturers have already delivered an incredible selection of handsets that offer top-tier innovation while also providing crucial factors such as functionality, quality, lifespan, and value. Since there is no perfect phone for everyone, it might be challenging to choose a new smartphone. It isn’t easy to find the appropriate one, whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, with many new releases every year. Several options are available on the market, particularly for Android phone models, which come in a wide range of designs. 

This list tackles a variety of needs and use scenarios intending to help you select the best phone for you. You need to know whether you want to buy mobile on EMI or at a total price!

The Display

As phones are used for nearly everything nowadays, manufacturers continually rethink and improve phone screens to provide customers with a better encounter. The primary features responsible for carrying out the tasks with comfort, productivity, and cost are display size, resolution, and image quality. Phone screens nowadays range from roughly 5 inches to 6 inches and more.

The type of Display

Display varieties, including LCD, OLED, and AMOLED, all have various specifications. 

LED: LED utilizes the backlighting rather than image pixels management; these displays can’t achieve the same deep black depths as OLED displays. 

OLED: Since OLED displays can regulate every pixel, they can achieve greater black depths than LED displays by switching pixels off when the picture is dull.


The computing capability of a mobile varies based on various elements such as the operating system version, the user interface, and more. For example, smartphones with Snapdragon 855 provide better power to edit documents online.


The battery use varies from user to user based on how the smartphone is used. If you are a heavy user, a battery capacity of at least 3500mAh will work for you. Most people prefer buying a smartphone with better battery life through EMIs for convenience.


Nowadays, there are two methods to charge a battery: with a cord or wirelessly. Wireless charging is far more convenient than cable charging but also significantly slower. However, if you use a wireless charger, your phone should be charged entirely in a few hours.

OS version and User Interface

The user interface and OS version are also essential elements to consider when buying a smartphone. These are the interfaces that one must engage with every time they want to access anything. Therefore, they should be straightforward to use.


Camera quality is crucial as more people use their phones for photography and filming. However, judging a camera’s quality without using it isn’t easy. While there are some technical specifications to consider, the quality of an image is mainly subjective.


The operative technique and pre-installed schedules take up a lot of room on the phone. 32GB of storage is sufficient for storing fewer apps on your devices, but if you wish to keep more. Customers can opt to buy phones on EMI, which is much more convenient because phones with colossal storage capacity frequently have a more excellent price range. Customers can purchase these phones using a QR scanner from a point-of-sale system at any merchant location and pay for them over time.

The Build of the phone

The longevity of a smartphone is determined by its Build. Most have mirror panels, although they are rare. A metal or plastic-built device is recommended if you are susceptible to breaking your smartphone.


People have diverse design preferences. However, note that you may wind up placing your phone in a case anyhow, so the design may not matter as much.

Refresh pace

The refresh speed guides the number of tours. It can generate a different picture each second. A 50Hz refresh rate may produce a new image 50 times per second, whereas a 130Hz refresh rate can produce 130 times per second.

A quicker refresh rate produces a picture that seems to be faster and more dynamic.

Security features

Several devices now have additional security measures, such as touch IDs and vision detectors. These aren’t only for locking and unlocking phones; they may also be used as a passcode to open specific documents or apps.

The Device’s Age

It may be enticing to save money by purchasing a reconditioned or aged smartphone, although there are a few elements to regard before doing so. Validating the device’s maturity is critical, especially for software upgrades such as security fixes.

Smartphone company

Apple, Samsung, Oneplus, and most other smartphone manufacturers are considered the safest. It is downright up to you to select a provider that meets your budget and requirements. However, doing so should be preceded by some fundamental market research.

Extra Features

Other features like excellent audio speakers, wireless charging, a headphone jack, and a 5G network capability etch may also be helpful.

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