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How Business Can Grow With Whatsapp Marketing Software?

Whatsapp Marketing Software

Like messenger marketing, WhatsApp marketing allows promoting products of a brand through Whatsapp. This digital platform helps brands to increase sales as it can reach a huge audience fast and can make strong relationships with customers.

Reasons Behind Using Whatsapp Marketing For Your Business?

According to a survey, the number of WhatsApp active users has grown up to 2 billion monthly in 2020. Businesses must use this marketing channel to connect with a large audience in third-world countries. Have a look at the statistics of active users of WhatsApp in developing countries. In India, 340 million people use WhatsApp monthly and there are almost 100 million active WhatsApp users monthly in Brazil. Not only developing countries but also developed countries like the US use WhatsApp for promotions of goods and services. US market has also chosen this platform because about 68 million people in America access WhatsApp monthly.

Whatsapp messages have a 98% open rate. Most WhatsApp users check messages every day. That’s how they will see your products and offers every time. Businesses can stay in touch with their customers through Whatsapp marketing. 

Generally, people have accepted this platform as a reliable communication channel between sellers and buyers. They trust those businesses having WhatsApp numbers. After reaching the companies via WhatsApp chat, the customers would like to buy products.

Advantages Of Using Whatsapp Marketing For Your Business

Whatsapp messenger helps to improve your marketing strategy. There are four advantages of using WhatsApp for business promotion. 

Build Strong Relationships With Customers

55% of WhatsApp users stay connected to a brand through WhatsApp messenger. So, WhatsApp messenger is considered an effective marketing strategy for building strong and long relationships with customers. If you can maintain such a strong connection with customers through WhatsApp, you will be able to cut expenditures. How? Customer retention is much cheaper than customer acquisition then.

Moreover, you can send personalised messages through WhatsApp. Brands and businesses get ample opportunities to send personalised welcome messages, birthday congratulations, and special offers, and so on. These personalised messages allow the brand to stay more engaged with the customers. More than 70% of customers remain engaged with the brands through personalised marketing messages.

Higher Conversion Rate

Whatsapp is an ideal platform for businesses to start initial contact with customers. Email or social media is not so effective as WhatsApp. People get annoyed at phone calls at any time. 

According to the brands, the customers respond to most of their WhatsApp messages. Therefore, WhatsApp is considered handier than email and social media. 

Whatsapp marketing is an amazing way to boost your conversions. Messaging leads to conversions. Bulk WhatsApp messaging increases by 112.6% after initial contact between brands and customers starts. 

Better Purchases And Sales

Bulk Whatsapp marketing acts as a magic marketing strategy for businesses. You have to do nothing but add your WhatsApp number to your website. This simple trick will result in a 27% increase in sales.

Potential customers get confidence when they get the opportunity to reach a brand through a messaging platform. If a company is active on WhatsApp, at least 66% of customers decide to purchase products or services from that company. Easy communication through bulk WhatsApp marketing leads to an increase in purchases of products by customers. 

Bulk Whatsapp’s marketing strategy is an effective marketing strategy and therefore many brands choose WhatsApp messaging platform as a stand-alone sales channel for business. The growing tendency of people to buy products through WhatsApp is an optimistic sign for brands. In the future also, the rate of using WhatsApp messenger for buying products will increase. 

Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Bulk WhatsApp marketing is a quite affordable marketing channel that makes this platform exciting for small businesses. First, connect to the internet and then install the WhatsApp app. Your ship sets sail. 

Meanwhile, the chances of reaching your message to the customer are guaranteed. After sending messages through WhatsApp, you stay sure that your messages will reach the target audience and will be read by them.

Thus, bulk WhatsApp marketing boosts conversions, increases sales, helps to build a profound and long relationship between customers and businesses, and is cost-effective. These benefits of the WhatsApp messaging app make it a distinguished platform for brands. 

How To Build A Whatsapp Marketing Strategy?

To make a marketing channel effective, you need to follow a well-made marketing strategy. First, plan your steps. You may alter the path if the situation demands. Here we will wrap up a few tips to build an effective WhatsApp marketing strategy.

Set Your Goals

Before starting the WhatsApp marketing strategy, set your marketing goals. Once you determine your objectives, you will be able to cut unnecessary activities and pay attention to meaningful things. 

First, set which business goals you want to achieve through your WhatsApp marketing strategy. Pinpoint the key performance indicator (KPI) that will indicate how much you have achieved goals. 

For example, if your business has problems with retaining customers, you must send promotional messages to them through WhatsApp. Your KPIs are engagement, clicks, and customer retention rates. 

Know Your Target Audience

Your target audience is one of the important factors of your marketing strategy’s success. Know your target audience through different approaches. For example, customer profile creation. To determine your target audience, you must know the answers to the following three things.

  • Reasons behind the use of your product
  • Customer’s expectation from your product
  • Expected price value of your products

Never take action on guesses and speculation. Rather, know your audience through interviews. Take interviews of at least 15 current customers. 

By conducting surveys on social media, create a customer profile. Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook, your CRM, etc. will allow you to create a customer profile. You will get the demographic and geographic features of your typical customers.

Get The App Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp Business, an important application, meets small and large firms’ needs. The additional features of WhatsApp business are – 

  • Your business profile includes email address, business description, address, and website
  • Catalog showing your products virtually
  • Automated and immediate reply from customers
  • Statistics determine delivered, sent, received, and read messages.

Provide Customer Service

Whatsapp provides customer service 24×7. If you employ a chatbot having typical questions and answers, you can reduce customer costs by 30%. 

On the other hand, WhatsApp messaging platform can reply to queries from customers immediately round the clock, it offers real-time support to the customers. 18% of customers expect to get support immediately whereas 28% of customers anticipate a response within an hour. 

Bulk Whatsapp’s marketing strategy comes in handy because 50% of customers get better advice and service in this communication channel. Most customers use WhatsApp messaging app due to faster responses.

Design Your Communication

Open rates on WhatsApp are higher than other communication channels. So, be careful not to send irrelevant or poorly produced content. Otherwise, your marketing strategy will go in vain. 

Identify your main topics and compose the messages you want to send to the customers. Remember you have to send not only promotional messages but also entertaining and educational messages. Keep your messages short and to the point. People generally don’t have time to go through long messages.

Design your communication with multimedia files like animations, videos, or pictures. You may use emoji in WhatsApp marketing. Smiley emoji is also appropriate in communication besides business-themed objects. 

Keep in mind not to irritate your customers with frequent messages. The frequency of sending messages must be 5-10 messages weekly. Sending messages through WhatsApp every hour will harm your brand’s reputation.

Build A Brand Personality

Like apple, Fanta, Nike, your brand also must have some personality. People prefer communicating with a personal business to impersonal business. Your brand persona will lead to a successful WhatsApp meeting. A brand persona includes values, attitudes, and traits. Explore them and express them through your tone of voice in WhatsApp messaging. Better to use a person’s name as a signature than to use a company’s name. 

Create A Contact List

The subscription forms, kept on different pages of your website, will allow you to get new contacts. Your offer like a discount on products or eBooks will draw new subscribers or customers.

Create multichannel forms, which help your subscribers or customers to select where they want to receive messages. This step allows you to communicate with customers through email, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, etc. they prefer. Here lies the trick to increase engagement and conversions.

Top 4 Tips of Whatsapp marketing

  1. Make Broadcast Lists: A broadcast list includes a group of recipients assembled.  In the broadcast list, contacts are not able to receive your messages separately and see each other. These features make broadcast lists the ideal platform to send relevant campaigns. For instance, include all your VIP customers in one broadcast list and send them your offers or discount. If any customer responds, ask him for a referral. The broadcast list on WhatsApp is an effective medium to retain and engage your audience. 
  2. Take The Help of Group Chats: There is a difference between broadcast lists and group chats. The customers can see each other’s contact and share their opinion through group chats. But in the broadcast list, members can’t see each other’s contact. Your customers get the opportunity to communicate among themselves if they want. Create a WhatsApp group to encourage participants before a webinar or some offline events.
  3. Use Whatsapp Statuses: Like Facebook or Instagram stories, WhatsApp statuses allow you to share text and multimedia files with your contacts. This feature also allows you to receive their feedback. You may share this update on Facebook too. The status ends in 24 hours. You can share discount offers, promo codes, product updates on Whatsapp status. Whatsapp status is perfect for a one-day flash sale. 
  4. Make A product Catalog: Like Instagram Shop, product catalogs of WhatsApp allow you to show your products. You can show 500 items through the WhatsApp product catalog. You can find your potential customers when the customers will browse through product catalogs or share links to some products. The interested customers will ask you questions about the product. You can share catalog items with WhatsApp users personally or share a link of the whole product catalogs anywhere online. Especially small businesses get benefits from product catalogs. 

How Does Bulk Whatsapp Sender Help Business To Grow?

Bulk Whatsapp sender provides a complete user-friendly web-based technology for businesses to run and manage their campaigns. They offer an option to filter active WhatsApp numbers from your unverified database. Therefore, this technology is cost-effective and you can send messages to active WhatsApp numbers all over the world. The benefits of bulk WhatsApp sender have been mentioned in the following.

  • They use a web-based portal.
  • They allow businesses to run campaigns independently.
  • Pay attention to per customer need and so, offer customer plans. 
  • The business account will be activated within two hours after receiving payment. 
  • You can download the campaign submission report online. 
  • Bulk WhatsApp marketing is affordable.


From the above discussion, you have come to know how much WhatsApp is helpful for businesses- be it a small business or a large business. Among 2 million users of WhatsApp all over the world, 70% of users open and read WhatsApp, and thus, it makes a huge impact on sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Make The Difference Between Whatsapp Business And Whatsapp Business API. 

Whatsapp Business is designed for small businesses while Whatsapp Business API is for large companies. You can send Whatsapp Business number to one phone only, but the WhatsApp Business API number can be sent to unlimited numbers and systems. Unlike Whatsapp business, Whatsapp Business API connects WhatsApp with a CRM.

Q.2. How To Connect Whatsapp With A CRM?

Whatsapp Business API allows you to connect WhatsApp with a CRM. However, this technology needs developments and frequent payments.

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