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5 tips to generate traffic on your website in 2021

5 tips to generate traffic on your website in 2021

As ergonomic and aesthetic as it is, a website does not fulfill its primary function if it is not visited. If you’ve been reading this article, you’ve probably seen that your visitors spend no more than a minute on your website and take no or very little action on it. Your traffic then ends up stagnating and you wonder what strategies to put in place to increase the number of visitors. You’ve come to the right place: a trustworthy seo company uses the following 5 tips to generate more and more qualified traffic!

Many people create a page like they would throw a hook on the surface of a lake. Then they wait for the famous fish which, let’s not lie to us, may well never come. No, Internet users do not fall from the sky.

Optimize your natural referencing (SEO)

95% of Internet users use Google as a search engine. However, to generate traffic on your site, you have to position yourself in the first 3 search results. Hence the great interest of integrating natural referencing into your marketing strategy and optimizing it to generate free traffic!

What is it more exactly? The goal here is to design your website so that it appears at the top of the search engines. The task can be complicated especially if reference names are already set. SEO takes time and perseverance, but you will end up gaining natural visibility. The work axes are multiple: Work on the technical base of your pages. 

First of all, you can work on the technical base of your pages. The Googlebot or Google robot reads the HTML code of your web pages to analyze and qualify their content. It is therefore essential that the elements of your site are consistent with your keywords. These elements are: URL or link of the page

  • The tag that gives the title to the web page at tab level
  • The tag that corresponds to the description of the page
  • The use and structuring of titles , which are the titles of the sections of the page
  • Internal networking or the organization of links internally on the website
  • The alt attribute that describes the images

For this, I recommend using the services of an SEO company

Set up a content strategy

Then you can put in place a content strategy that aims to regularly create quality content. The choice of keywords is a decisive point here. In the same way, it is strongly recommended to integrate a blog in your website in which you will regularly publish articles related to your theme. This will increase your chances of being well referenced.

Use Google My Business

Finally, you can use Google My Business, especially if you run a business or have customers in your offices. Google My Business is a page that summarizes all the information about your business. It provides visibility which can be rather attractive. Note that there is also another way to appear at the top of the results: paid search (SEA). This referencing consists in creating campaigns to serve advertisements on Google Ads . This is one of the best techniques for positioning your website on strategic keywords and generating considerable traffic. However, this referencing is costly and is not a long-term solution. 

Two factors significantly influence your natural referencing: the number of external links that refer to your site, and the quality of these. These links are called inbound links or backlinks. 


The netlinking strategy is to get links to your site from external sites. This allows you to promote your site, improve its popularity and therefore its visibility , and attract an audience interested in your content. If you want to establish a sustainable and effective netlinking strategy, you must ensure that you meet several criteria: 

  • Obtain backlinks from known quality sites,
  • Prioritize the quality of links over quantity,
  • Generate backlinks on different sites,
  • Have a very similar or even identical theme between the source page and the target page,
  • Having backlinks that seem natural to Google, otherwise you risk being penalized in terms of SEO.

To obtain quality backlinks, you can for example use the method of “guest blogging” or guest articles. 

What is “guest blogging”?

The practice of “guest blogging” consists of writing articles that are hosted on your behalf on sites or blogs with a high audience. As far as possible, target the audience as best as possible so that it is as much as possible in your theme. Then submit your guest post to a site or blog likely to arouse the interest of its audience.

Email marketing campaigns

Emailing consists of sending massive emails to a list of contacts. Currently, more than half of the world’s population uses email. This makes it the most suitable channel to capture your audience and direct them to your website. You can send different types of emails, these can deal with: 

  • Updates to your products or services
  • Expert advice
  • Market news
  • Updates to your blog

The end goal of an email campaign is to get users to take action (take advantage of a promotional offer, book a demo, etc.). This is called the Call to Action (CTA). Choosing the right CTA can increase click-through rate to 371% and product sales to 1,617%. It is therefore essential to decide on the right CTA. Include only one CTA per email and try to make it as appealing as possible to capture your contact’s attention and activate a sense of urgency in them that will push them to take action. We take control of these marketing campaigns using Zara ERP System

Email marketing campaigns Sharing via social networks

Social networks are one of the main channels of communication . And this is by far the easiest action to drive traffic to your website. Depending on your objectives and your targets, you will only be present on certain networks in particular. 

For example, Facebook and Instagram are preferred if you are in BtoC, while LinkedIn and Twitter are particularly suited to a professional target. You will then need to establish an editorial strategy to animate your social networks and effectively engage your community which will then go to your website. First, you can share every new post to your blog, ideally posting at regular intervals – weekly, for example.

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