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10 Tips to get your dream job: Junior Developer

10 Tips to get your dream job - Junior Developer

If there is one step that you dread when you start your career, it’s finding your first job.

No way to escape it. The best way to be successful is to be prepared. In a market where there are more and more junior profiles (front, back, mobile, etc.) and fewer and fewer offers per candidate, the competition can very quickly become tough to gain access to the Holy Grail! Rest assured, thanks to our help from Easy Partner, you will be able to rise to the top of success! Here are our 10 tips for getting the first job of your long career as a developer.

10 Tips to get your dream job:

Create your portfolio

The portfolio is like your improved CV. With just a glance, the recruiter should understand who you are, because that’s probably the first thing they’ll look at. This is the best way to stand out from your developer competition.

It must highlight your experiences, your skills, your training, and why not more personal elements. Beyond professional criteria, a recruiter will look for soft skills (such as autonomy, team spirit, critical thinking…). We advise you to pay particular attention to it to be sure that it reveals your expertise and says more about your personality.

The portfolio is scalable, adapt it according to the company you have in front of you, you will only be a winner.

Using Github

Github is the most popular source code hosting site, with its variety of programming languages ​​and modification system.

When a business hires you, it invests in you. Seeing what you’re capable of, she’ll know you’re the right person. Thanks to Github, you will be able to prove your talent for coding by being active and regular on it.

Work on all types of projects

It is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith.

The more you code, the better you perform. Without working on large projects, the simple fact of redoing the showcase site of your hairdresser, for example, will allow you to develop your technical skills. In addition, there are a business, organizational and communication skills that you will acquire and which will serve you in your job search.

Do not hesitate to approach companies that have little budget and offer them your services at a (very) advantageous price. The idea is to develop your network and expand your CV to make it easier to get your first job!

If you have a favorite industry, try to do as much experience as possible in order to show your motivation.

Compete in a Hackathon

A hackathon is an event where developers meet in order to work on a project in a limited period of time in a collaborative way.

It’s a great opportunity to meet developers, showcase your coding skills, learn in a fun way, and earn rewards!

Do not hesitate any longer, many developers were able to get their first job just by participating!

Keep up to date with Tech news

Don’t miss the news. Show that you are open and that you are interested in developments in the field of code. Thanks to this, you will sharpen your critical thinking, improve yourself and shine in job interviews.

We advise you to read news sites, blog posts (Medium), follow influencers on LinkedIn, or listen to podcasts.

Build your network

Even if socializing is not your strong point, it is easier to move forward in life together. Whether physical or remote, it is important to create a network of developers with whom to interact. For example by answering questions about Stack Overflow, by joining groups, or by joining Easy Partner networks.

Who knows, maybe you will find your future coworkers there?

Develop your skills

In your life as a developer, you will constantly learn. These days, training is very easy. There are many sites allowing you to learn, to practice… For example,OpenClassrooms offers free training in video format.

The more skills you have, the more legitimate you will be to apply for various offers and maximize your chances of landing your first job.

Perfecting your CV

The CV remains a basis for recruiters, almost essential before a first interview. Like your portfolio, it must be complete! Highlight your personal contact information, your diplomas, your experiences, your programming, and web development skills.

Aesthetically, your CV should be pleasant and easy to read. If you have trouble creating your own, there are many solutions that offer to make a CV easily while personalizing it according to your tastes.

LinkedIn, the professional network par excellence

In addition to your portfolio and CV, there is an essential that should not be overlooked: the social network LinkedIn. It allows you to create your profile, and to have access to a pool of recruiters as well as job offers. If you manage to stand out, you will probably be contacted without having to apply!

Some recommendations before you start:

  • Develop your network
  • Complete your profile to 100% and embellish it
  • Create content and share info
  • Remember to “open” your profile to recruiters in your account settings
  • Respond to all messages and comments

Job Research

Anticipate your job search. This is advice that may seem obvious, but you have to prepare your applications and future interviews as best as possible to be serene and sure of yourself! It starts by putting into practice the tips seen above which are a good foundation for you.

The modernization of recruitment processes has allowed the growth of sites such as Indeed or Monster, where you can apply for many offers, setting yourself apart from the others.

Pay close attention to the criteria of the advertisement, such as location, level of education, skills, etc.

Bonus: Be on top for your interviews

Your first interview is here!

As recruiters, we know that it is difficult to pass an interview. If you have the skills and qualities, be convinced of your application and you will be able to convince your future employer!

Many tips exist to boost your chances. Do your research on the company and the people, prepare your questions, dress professionally, come early, and be confident! You have all the cards to succeed!

If you can’t get the job, use that experience for future ones. The more you do, the more prepared you will be for the next ones.

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