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A Strategic Approach To Organic Vs. Paid Marketing In 2022

by Jasmine

Do you own a small business and want to grow your digital marketing efforts? Are you under the impression that reaching your SEO goals is only successful via paid marketing? 

Well, what if we told you that you are wrong? Yes, expert SEO consulting services suggest that today, there are a variety of organic means to SEO, making it better and cost-effective than paid ones. 

But, what is it all about? And what makes organic marketing better than the paid options available to help you achieve your goals? Let’s find out in this weblog!  

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Organic Marketing: What Is It All About?

As the name suggests, organic marketing is all about using strategies that help generate traffic without spending a portion of your money on paid efforts. Organic marketing methods help you improve your business reach over time using multiple means like guest posts, unpaid tweets, case studies, blog posts, and Facebook updates.

But how do you get started? Let’s see at some of the questions you should be asking yourself when you evaluate your organic marketing efforts:

  • What drives me, and how does it affect every aspect of my business?
  • What do my competitors do, and what do they stay away from?
  • What marketing channel can I employ that hasn’t been thoroughly studied in my industry?
  • What are the unique characteristics and specialties of my business?

It would help if you had some options for organic marketing channels to investigate once you’ve completed these questions. For this, we suggest you visit professional SEO consulting services to strategize your vision and work towards realizing the goals. 

For example, if you’re a physical therapy center with problems increasing the number of younger patients that come in. You may want to consider generating instructional videos on specific exercises or preventative self-care tips. 

Youtube is a platform where teenagers spend a lot of time viewing videos and seeking solutions to questions they have regarding various topics. 

This way, you’ll be able to build your desired marketing message and set yourself apart from other clinics in your area over time, in addition to the benefits mentioned earlier (if none of them is currently doing something like that).

What Sets It Apart From Paid Advertising?

Cost-effectiveness and effectiveness over time! Yes, that’s what sets organic marketing apart from paid ones. While you may be able to afford to spend on sponsored marketing initiatives, it’s critical to keep in mind that it will generate faster and short-term results.

When talking of paid advertising, they might be fast and effective but fail to realize the true potential over the long term. Unless you have a lot to spend on your marketing ventures. 

A Strategic Approach To Marketing In 2022

A more innovative way to operate and get better, long-term results is to use organic marketing, besides devoting a portion of that ad money to paid promotions that interest your target demographic. 


While organic marketing is always a gainer over paid ads, you can always rely on the hybrid approach. If done correctly, paid advertising may provide immediate results, while organic marketing, guided by professional SEO consulting services gives you a return on investment, leading to more authentic and positive intangible effects. 

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