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Are You Keeping Up With the Latest Marketing Trends?

by Tom
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Understanding the latest marketing trends & tools will keep you ahead of the competition in your field. Don’t be caught off guard by industry trends that can affect your company. 

Many companies make efforts to keep up with the latest marketing trends and tools to ensure they stay in front of their competitors and are able to offer products or services that consumers will want more of.

Be it a new concept or even a new tool, what’s trending will constantly change, leaving you behind if you aren’t doing so yourself.

Content Marketing

Posting quality content is still priority number one for marketing. A company website that is built around content will help improve SEO rankings, increase targeted traffic, and drive leads.

More quality content means more link-building opportunities. Search engines are basically giving out free links to websites they believe contain high-quality content.

Content also provides a way to promote other platforms like social media, video channels, blogs, and even email newsletters. 

Gone are the times when a business could exist without a website or blog. Even the most successful companies today have websites and blogs with regular new content posted to both, especially using techniques like guest blogging to extend their reach.

Physical Marketing

In a world where even the most niche of niches has their own online community, there is still a place for physical marketing.

Although social media is considered to be top-of-mind for reaching your target audience, some people still like the tangible feel of paper in their hands, and of course, there are options like physical branding of storefronts.

The relatively cheap price of touchscreens and HD monitors make makes digital signage better for in-person service types of businesses (like food outlets). It’s also easy to switch out your digital signage regularly to keep things up to date.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can be a great tool, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll reach tens of thousands of people. However, it allows you to reach more people than most companies would ever do through social media alone.

There are aspects to consider when working with influencers like a contract, payment plans (such as pay-per-sale), and allowing the influencer freedom to promote the brand wherever they want without being able to control the message.

Blogs & Websites

The blogosphere is still alive and thriving today. It’s tough finding good content that is current and interesting enough to get people excited enough to share it on social media channels.

The easiest way to be in the blogosphere is to have a website. A website will allow you to make your content available online through tools like RSS feeds, which can be shared on social networks and other websites.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t have a website! 

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is vital for businesses today. The use of mobile marketing is growing every year, especially with smartphone usage increasing year on year.

It should be noted that in the developing world, more people have access to devices like smartphones and tablets than they do access to devices like laptops and computers, making it a necessity to tailor your online experience for the mobile user.

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