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How Do You Recover Corrupted PDF Files Using PDFBear?

How Do You Recover Corrupted PDF Files Using PDFBear?

PDF is the best file format for file sharing purposes because it is highly compatible with all devices and operating systems. It means that the recipient can view it through the use of either a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet. Besides that, it is the only type of document that can embed the content, saving the recipient from experiencing formatting issues. It can maintain the integrity of your digital file because it does not allow anyone from editing the content.

Nowadays, you no longer physically meet up with your colleagues just to hand them an important document. What you do is share them online using any social media platform. While it is more convenient and cost-effective, it is prone to damage. It may become inaccessible if viruses and malware are present in your device. The easy and free way to recover it is to use the PDF repair tool offered by PDFBear. 

Recovering corrupted PDF files using PDFBear

Managing corrupted documents is a frustrating experience. There is no way that you can solve it if you rely solely on yourself. You probably thought of asking for help from technical experts but you don’t have the money to pay them. If you are looking for a free PDF repair tool with great performance, then PDFBear is for you. All you need to access it are a working device, a trusted browser, and a stable internet.

After having all of these, now is the time to visit the website by searching it on Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer. The website will let you choose the type of browser to use. When you reach the home page, you just have to find and click the repair PDF tool. It will then redirect you to a new page where you will perform the four simple steps listed below.

Step 1. Upload the corrupted or damaged PDF file

Before visiting the website, it is a must that you already know the file name of the corrupted document. It will prevent you from uploading the wrong file format. Everything will be easier and faster if you can transfer the right document from your device to the toolbox. You can use the drag-and-drop option or click the select a file button. The tool will also allow you to get the file from your cloud-based tools, including Dropbox and Google Drive. 

Step 2. The tool will determine the issue

After uploading the document, the repair tool will immediately scan it to determine the issue. Make sure to know the password if you uploaded an encrypted document. The tool will not proceed with the repair process if you can’t provide the associated passcode. It is the only way that it would know if you are authorized to modify it.

Step 3. A preview of the document will appear on your screen

The tool cannot fix all corrupted and damaged documents. Some are already unrecoverable because of the severity of the damage. You would know that it successfully solved your problem if the tool shows a preview of what the document looks like. It will also give you the chance to make necessary adjustments and modifications 

Step 4. Download and share the fixed PDF file

After a few minutes of waiting for the tool to complete the process, a fixed PDF file will appear on your screen. You will see a download button below it. You may click it if you want to have a copy of the document in your local storage. Additionally, you can share it on your social media platforms by copying and pasting the generated link. 

Reasons why digital files get corrupted

PDF documents present inconveniences, especially when you try to share them online. They may become inaccessible due to corruption and damages. When this happens, you will not have the chance to open the document and read its content. The list below is the potential reasons why digital files get corrupted.

1. Presence of malware and viruses

The most common reason why PDF files become inaccessible is due to malware and viruses. Your device usually acquires them when you visit an unfamiliar website. You will end up downloading malware that will harm both your digital files and device. You must be cautious about what browser and websites to use to prevent this problem from arising.

2. Incompatible software

Nowadays, there is a lot of software available for use, but not all of them are compatible with PDF files. When you open it using a different type of software, chances are you can’t open it. You may try to download it again using another device with different software. If it remains inaccessible, it means that it gets corrupted due to an incompatibility issue. Don’t panic because there is PDFBear to help you out.

3. Sudden system shutdown

Devices such as laptops and smartphones often experience sudden system shutdown. It often happens when you randomly restarted your device or a sudden interruption took place. When this happens while you are uploading or downloading a document, there is a high chance that it will get corrupted or damaged.

Why use PDFBear to repair corrupted PDF files?

First of all, PDFBear is free for as long as you have a device connected to the internet. It will not force you to create a premium account if you don’t want to. You may avail of it if you have the budget and you are curious about all the things that it can offer. Aside from that, it is accessible on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets. It is a very handy tool, making it a great platform for on-the-go professionals. Lastly, it has a safe server that prevents malicious activities from happening. It adopts an advanced security technology that automatically deletes your uploaded and repaired PDF after an hour.

In Conclusion

Breaking down is the initial reaction of most people when they find out that their files are already inaccessible. It makes the situation worse because it prevents you from thinking of solutions. So instead of crying and breaking down, it is better to use the repair PDF tool of PDFBear!

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