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Know About Successful Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Do you plan to publish an article on a blog other than your own (guest blogging)?

You are right: it is a real opportunity to put yourself forward and gain visibility without spending a dime. It’s also a good way to get backlinks to your own site, which is great for SEO. You can even call it as Free Guest Posting.

What is guest blogging?

It’s very simple, guest blogging is the fact of contributing to the content of the website or blog of another person or another company. In short, you are going to have to write and publish an article on someone else’s site.

It may sound strange… Why spend time writing articles for other sites (potentially your competitors) when you could use that time writing for your site?

But guest blogging has many benefits for both parties!

What are the benefits of guest blogging for you?

Publishing an article on a different site will allow you to expand your audience and bring new visitors to your own blog. SME Bulletin can help you in publishing of article.

It will also improve the confidence of your prospects and customers and the notoriety of your brand. You really position yourself as an expert on the subjects that are specific to you.

Small SEO bonus, guest blogging will bring you many backlinks, which are vital for a good SEO of your site.

What are the benefits of guest blogging for your “host”?

For the host, the first interest is, of course, to have content on his site, if the guests are well chosen, the fact of publishing relevant and quality content will increase the confidence and notoriety of the blog. This addition of external content brings a little freshness and novelty.

By bringing in experts in a given field, brands are positioning themselves as experts.

And, here again, the blog’s SEO will be boosted by this contribution of new content, if it is written in compliance with SEO rules of course.

In short, you got it, guest blogging is really a win-win exchange between a host and a guest.

Choose your target blog carefully

The blog on which you will write an article should not be chosen lightly: its theme must be consistent with your own theme or your activity.

It can be a blog whose theme is complementary to yours (for example: a blog on gardening is well suited to guest blogging if you sell seeds or garden tools). In any case, the blog readership should match your typical clientele.

In addition, the blog in question must be of a certain quality so as not to degrade your image and have a fairly large and committed community of readers. Otherwise, guest blogging has no interest.

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