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Honor 50


A critical piece of any cell determination is its working recurrence groups. The upheld recurrence groups decide if a specific handset is viable with a specific organization transporter.

Adjacent to the cell phone details, GSMArena is glad to likewise give you its own nation-based recurrence band registry. It’s not administrator explicit and it’s useful on the off chance that you are picking a handset to use in your nation of origin or on the other hand assuming you are ensuring your telephone will work in the country you are making a beeline for.


2G capacities

GSM 850, GSM 1900

3G capacities

UMTS 850, UMTS 1900, UMTS 1700, UMTS 2100

4G capacities

LTE 700 (12, 13, 17), LTE 1700 (4, 66), LTE 1900 (2, 25), LTE WCS 2300 (30)

5G capacities

5G 2500 (41), 5G 39 (260), 5G 28 (260), 5G 600 (71)



The size of the telephone in design (H x L x W) and the volume of the telephone were accessible.

Assuming the telephone has a flip, it is estimated with the flip shut


Records the heaviness of the telephone in grams. Some of the time the produces don’t list the load before the handset becomes market accessible. As expected we attempt and update the field as often depending on the situation.


Depicts the development materials, techniques, and completions utilized by the producer when constructing a telephone.

Similarly, as with the design world, each new season (or telephone send-off) presents new or extravagantly names tones. Somewhat Blue anybody? With the shading being impacted in its last debut by those materials picked.

Every material utilized has interesting properties that are both invaluable and free to the gadget yet frequently accompany impediments.

For instance, a glass body permits radio waves to go through and better works with remote charging, yet except if used appropriately, could make the telephone more delicate.

Late development patterns incorporate the utilization of aluminum, glass, and even earthenware production.

To make the showcase as tough as could really be expected, many produce uses Corning Gorilla Glass.

A gadget’s capacity to endure residue and dampness is recognized through an IP Rating.


There are many showcase/board types utilized in cell phones today.

These include:

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

IPS-LCD (In-Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Display)

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode)

AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode)

The screen, when joined with the touch component, is ‘the’ significant component of the UI and as such we take extraordinary measures when testing screens during our survey interaction to gauge a showcase’s quality by estimating Contrast Ratio, Color Calibration, Brightness, and Sunlight Legibility.


A computer chip (Central Processing Unit) – also called a processor – is an electronic circuit that can execute PC programs. Both the scaling down and normalization of CPUs have expanded their quality a long way past the restricted utilization of committed figuring machines. Current microchips show up in everything from autos to cell phones.

The clock rate is one of the principal qualities of the CPU when execution is concerned. The clock rate is the key rate in cycles each second (estimated in hertz, kilohertz, megahertz, or gigahertz) for the recurrence of the clock in any simultaneous circuit. A solitary clock cycle (regularly more limited than a nanosecond in current non-implanted microchips) flips between a sensible zero and a coherent one state.

With a specific CPU, supplanting the gem with another precious stone that wavers with double the recurrence will, by and large, make the CPU run with double the exhibition. It will likewise make the CPU honor 50 cost produce generally double how much waste hotness.

Engineers are endeavoring to push the limits of the ebb and flow models and are continually looking for better approaches to plan CPUs that tick a little faster or utilize somewhat less energy per clock. This produces new cooler CPUs that can run at higher clock rates.

Researchers additionally keep on looking for new plans that permit CPUs to run at something very similar or at a lower clock rate as more established CPUs, however, which get more guidelines finished per clock cycle.

The clock pace of a processor is just helpful for giving examinations between microchips in a similar processor family and age.

Clock rates can be exceptionally deceptive since how much work different central processors can do in one cycle shifts. Clock rates ought not to be utilized when looking at changed PCs or different processor families. Rather, programming benchmarks of some sort or another ought to be utilized.

Cell phones are outfitted with further developed implanted chipsets that can do a wide range of assignments relying upon their programming.

The exhibition of the CPU that is at the center of the chipset is fundamental for the day-by-day client experience and the overall figuring execution of the cell phone. Individuals will quite often utilize the clock pace of the fundamental CPU to think about the exhibition of contending finished results. In any case, as we previously brought up, the clock pace of a processor is just valuable for giving execution correlations between CPUs in a similar processor family and age. For any remaining designs, it’s ideal to involve programming benchmarks for deciding near execution.


A way of arranging various sorts of information in the telephone’s memory. Likewise alluded to as Shared memory.

Dynamic memory implies that a wide range of information is put away in a similar memory (there is no different memory for photographs, ringtones, and so forth)

A benefit of dynamic memory over apportioned memory is that it is more adaptable – with divided memory, you can top off the photographic memory for instance and you will not have the option to take any more photographs regardless of whether different kinds of memory are free.

Primary CAMERA


The goal of the picture taken by a cell phone is estimated in megapixels, a higher megapixel count doesn’t consistently liken to a superior picture. The longing to have increasingly more megapixels has eased back as makers center around the nature of those megapixels caught. Achieved by including bigger pixels inside the CMOS Sensor to catch all the more light, standing out from a high-goal CMOS sensor that has more modest pixels and in this way catches less light. Higher megapixel pictures permit ‘editing’ of the first without losing an excess of detail. Higher megapixel pictures additionally guarantee a more excellent picture when printed, for instance when printing ‘banners.’


Cell phones today accompany an abundance of sensors to work with a superior client experience, furnish applications with upgraded data about the world around the telephone and give hearty and expanded battery duration.

Vicinity Sensor

Recognizes when an item is close to the telephone. Most usually used to detect when a telephone is held up to the client’s ear to switch off the showcase. This saves both battery duration and forestalls unintentional screen contacts.

Accelerometer and whirligig

Accelerometers in cell phones are utilized to distinguish the direction of the telephone. The whirligig, or gyro for short, adds an extra aspect to the data provided by the accelerometer by following pivot or bend.

An accelerometer estimates a straight speed increase of development, while a gyro then again gauges the rakish rotational speed. The two sensors measure the pace of progress; they simply measure the pace of progress for various things.

Practically speaking, that implies that an accelerometer will gauge the directional development of a gadget however can not resolve its sidelong direction or slant during that development precisely except if a gyro is there to fill in that information.

With an accelerometer, you can either get a truly “uproarious” data yield that is responsive, or you can get a “perfect” yield that is drowsy. Yet, when you join the 3-pivot accelerometer with a 3-hub gyro, you get a result that is both perfect and responsive in a similar time.”

Accelerometers are likewise used to give ‘steps’ data to a merchants ‘wellbeing’ application.

Advanced compass

The advanced compass is typically founded on a sensor called the magnetometer and furnishes cell phones with a straightforward direction comparable to the Earth’s attractive field. Therefore, your telephone generally realizes what direction is North so it would auto be able to pivot your advanced guides relying upon your actual direction.


The indicator helps the GPS chip inside the gadget to get a quicker lock by in a flash conveying elevation information. Moreover,

the indicator can be used to give ‘floors climbed’ data to a telephones ‘wellbeing’ application.

With the coming of a more precise indoor route, the gauge can aid figure out what floor a client is on inside an air terminal for instance.


Biometric-related sensors give levels of upgraded security by catching and approving human-related measurements. Counting Finger Print acknowledgment, IRIS (eye) checking, and full facial acknowledgment.

Biometric sensors give a safer but more helpful method for opening telephones and paying for buys.

Moreover, biometric sensors can be utilized to gather a client’s pulse and SpO2 (the gauge of blood vessel oxygen immersion) for use inside a merchants ‘wellbeing’ application.

Increased and Virtual Reality

The profoundly exact sensors itemized above, when joined with the strong CPU and GPU’s of present-day advanced cells, permit very pragmatist and responsive Virtual Reality applications to be made. At the point when the sensors are joined with a cell phone’s camera, they work with Augmented Reality applications.


The value we show on our Phone Honor 50 Specifications page is for reference data just which is helpful for correlation purposes. This cost is frequently the underlying send-off cost of the telephone and doesn’t consider any ‘offers’ or transporter sponsorships.

Cell phone costs are dynamic and change consistently. We can’t screen the costs of the large number of models in our data set, by country, consistently.

As an aside, to know the specific cost of a telephone, if it’s not too much trouble, go to the sites recorded in the Check Price choice on the left-hand side of the Phone Specifications dad

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