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4 New Ways of Increasing Instagram Followers in 2022

4 New Ways of Increasing Instagram Followers in 2022

Having a large number of followers on Instagram isn’t just about the statistics. Establishing your presence on Instagram may help you boost the traffic to your website, raise the number of purchases you make, and even convert you into an influential figure who sets trends. In this article, we will discuss Four methods that do not involve using spam accounts or automated software to get Instagram followers free.

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2022

This year, if you want to increase your Instagram following, here are five proven tactics to use:

Explore Instagram’s Reel

Sharing Instagram Reels is a great way to increase your following count if you haven’t already. This short-form, repeating video feature on Instagram remains one of the most efficient methods to reach new people on the platform. Instagram followers app also provides you with this service.

The Reels feed, in contrast to most of Instagram, features high-quality material from both those they follow and those they don’t. A big part of this is since the Reels you produce may easily be seen by people who don’t follow you on Instagram.

Put Money into a Hashtag Campaign

Instagram hashtags are a powerful marketing tool that shouldn’t be ignored. It has been shown that the reach rate improves by 11 percent (from 24% to 35%) when the number of hashtags goes from one (to 30) in Instagram feed postings. In the context of a 20K-follower account, it means an extra 2.2K accounts are reached for every single post. If you’re stumped on what hashtags to use, try some Hashtag Suggestion tool, which suggests 30 relevant hashtags for you to use in the body of your posts.

Host a Giveaway on Instagram

The most efficient strategy to increase your Instagram following is to offer a giveaway. You may get thousands of new fans and strengthen your brand’s community at the same time by using the appropriate method. This is one of the best Instagram followers hack.

Be sure to provide clear entry conditions that support your development objectives, such as tagging a friend throughout the comments, posting to Instagram Stories, as well as following your account in order to be eligible for the giveaway. When you engage with an artist or business whose following is similar to yours, Instagram freebies may be very fruitful.

Promote Your Instagram Profile on a Number of Other Platforms

Using other platforms to cross-promote your Instagram account is an excellent place to start if you want to expand your fan base even more. Cross-promotion of your Instagram account on TikTok is really important. Trying to connect your Instagram account with your TikTok profile is one of the very few things you can do to increase the amount of traffic coming from Instagram to your TikTok channel. You may then make a few TikTok that urge people to follow you on Instagram.


Increasing the number of Instagram followers free on your account may seem to be an uphill struggle, but you may achieve your goal with the correct methods and tactics. It requires producing original material, targeting the appropriate people, and making use of Instagram’s additional features and trends in order to be successful.

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