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India’s most Subscribed OTT platforms

by James

OTT means over the top. These platforms deliver different types of content over the internet. These platforms provide different types of entertainment content according to customers’ needs. Netflix is the most popular OTT platform. Disney+Hotstar is the most subscribed platform in India. These offer different languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali and Marathi etc, so you can easily choose your language or watch with help of subtitles. Many filmmakers release their movies on these platforms nowadays. 

 Top 5 OTT platforms:

  • Netflix.
  • Amazon prime videos.
  • Disney+hotstar.
  • Zee 5.
  • Sony LIV.

1) Netflix:

Netflix is a very demanding streaming service. It’s an American subscription-based platform. It provides different types of subscription-based options monthly and yearly. On this platform, there are always new movies and shows added every week. Netflix plan range starting 199 to 799 per month. You can watch Netflix anywhere anytime just sign in and watch your favorite shows. If someone signs in on Netflix for their kids, that time they have the option to block some adult shows. The cancelation process is also very easy on this app, you can easily cancel your account whenever you want.

2) Amazon prime video:

If you want to watch high-quality videos with low data use amazon prime as the best option for you. This app was launched in the year 2006. Amazon prime offers customers. If you are a movie lover amazon prime is the best pick for you. You can also get some extra benefits on prime membership. Like you can get one or two days delivery on an eligible address.

3) Disney+Hotstar:

We can get an idea after seeing this name. This streaming app is a collaboration between two apps disney and hotstar. Maximum 4 devices can connect with one subscription, and are valid in one years. And you will be accessed on two devices at the same time. So many different options are available on disneyplus.com login/begin. The premium subscription offers no ad entertainment. You can get hollywood, bollywood and series whatever you like. Disney+hotstar is the most subscribed OTT based platform in India. It has around 300M subscribers.

4)Zee 5:

Zee 5 is an entertainment subscription based Indian platform launched in february 2016. Zee 5 annual plan is 499. It has currently 72.6% monthly active users. Zee 5 offers exclusive content. 12 languages are available on this app. 172 Million people use this app. You can stream this app on your computer and smart TV. More than 20 Tv channels are available on zee5. This movie service launched in every country. 

5)Sony LIV:

Sony LIV is also a very well-known online streaming platform. The main part of this app is, there is a free membership and you can also select your favorite tv shows. Live programs also began in this app. This is an absolutely safe and well-protected app. Sony liv yearly gifted a voucher. If you like the series, these are also available in Sony liv.


Do you know what is the biggest and most powerful advantage of streaming services? You can watch shows on your own time, no matter what the time is. It also allows people to watch anything without downloading the whole video. These are entertaining platforms. And people always love to entertain with movies. And especially the live streaming, this can offer us to experience and enjoy the event even if we are not there as a person. Live streaming can reach more people. It’s also not so overcrowded. It’s also not so high range, most of the people can afford it easily. When we go to the theater to watch one movie we pay more money, but this streaming service offers us unlimited exclusive movies in the same range.

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