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Top 8 Payment methods in India for Money transfer

Top 8 Payment methods in India for Money transfer

India is one of the world’s foremost emerging economies. This has given rise to a fledgling Fintech industry, with both foreign and local companies participating in it. Nowadays you can find a whole host of digital payment methods and E-wallets in India. To help you choose the right one we have compiled one of the biggest payment methods in India.


When it comes to payment transactions PayPal is among the best in the world. So, it is only natural that you would do it in a country like India. It is a company based out of the US, that allows its users a flexible way to send and receive money throughout the globe. When making a payment you can choose from 56 different currencies and when receiving your money, you can choose from 100 different currencies.
It provides great protection against online fraud and a variety of features like electronic invoicing and withdrawal directly to your bank account.


Perhaps the largest digital payment method in India. It allows its users to send and receive money throughout India. Not only that but consumers can shop online or pay their bills using the app.
Internationally PayTm gives access to 72 different foreign currencies and MasterCard and Visa debit/credit cards. It is actively supporting start-up business and is frequently used by freelancers and e-commerce merchants.


Last but not least, SpayIndia is another great payment app that is widely used across India. One of the main reasons why it is so famous among Indian users is because the company has made its focus to help those who are digitally illiterate. It has targeted the migrant and underserved sections of Indian society.
Keeping that in mind Spay India has made the application very easy to use. Not only can you send and receive payments through it but also pay your bills, recharge your phone account, buy bus or train tickets, make insurance payments etc. In short, making lives easy for everyday Indians.

Google Pay

Of all the international tech giants who are trying to make a foothold in the Indian fintech industry, Google Pay has been the most successful. Its digital wallet app allows consumers an easy way to send and receive money and can be used on a number of android devices.
From Airbnb’s to Starbucks and other local businesses, it seems to be a preferred method of payment for both tourists and locals alike.

Apple Pay

When we talk about international payment methods, Apple Pay is not far behind. Relatively new in India, it has still seen success, especially considering that only iOS users can use it and in a country like India android users dwarf iOS users in numbers. But Apple Pay is charging zero transaction fees to both customers and merchants to attract more people.


Another great way to send and receive payments in India is through Mobikwik. Being a digital wallet application, you need to have money in it to make a payment. Extremely user-friendly it allows consumers to easily pay their utility bills etc. Users can link their debit/credit cards to the app and its completely secure as it has security features like OTP (one time password).


Thanks to Payzapp, you can make payments with a single click of your mouse button. All you need to do beforehand is register once on their website and then make payments anytime you want.
It supports both Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards and has a rich loyalty program that rewards its users with cash-backs and loyalty points.


Another great payment app known for its flexibility and user-friendliness, Instamojo is the preferred method of payment when buying music, games and videos online. It has helped businesses to receive payments through platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.
Moreover, consumers can send and receive money through simple messaging and emails. Overall it is one of the most used payment methods by businesses and customers alike due to its ease of use.

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