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Eye makeup: 10 tips to avoid making mistakes

Eye makeup

Are you still messing around with your eye make-up? Or are you already good but would like to know more? In this post I wanted to collect 10 useful tips to follow to have perfect eye make-up on any occasion, a small guide to applying eyeshadow to perfection ! There he is!

1. Choose the right color:

Do you want to make the color of your iris stand out to the maximum? There is nothing better than complementary colors for brown , green or blue eyes! Do you want to make them deep and mysterious, perhaps for an evening? Absolutely makeup with red eyeshadow looks!

2. Use a primer or a greasy base:

Eye primers are essential to make the eyeshadow adhere well to the eyelid and to make eye make-up last for a long time, avoiding accumulations of product in the crease of the eye. As an alternative to the primer you can use a very thin veil of concealer that will also eliminate the discoloration of the eyelid or a cream eyeshadow, a pencil or a pencil which, in addition to making the eyeshadow adhere, will also intensify the color.

3. Always fix the cream eyeshadows:

There is nothing to do, the cream eyeshadows after a few hours end up in the creases in the eye, especially if our eyelid tends to be slightly oily! How to prevent it? We always apply over our cream eyeshadow, a powder eyeshadow of the same color or a dusting of transparent powder.

4. Blend the eyeshadow well:

For flawless eye makeup it is important to learn how to blend the eyeshadow well. To some girls it may seem like a very complicated thing, but it all lies in applying a little color at a time, not being in a hurry and blending the color for a long time with the brush, until you get a gradual shading and no longer a sharp break between a color. and the other. In this post I have explained in great detail how to blend eyeshadows.

5. Follow the natural line of the eye:

When you go to blend eyeshadows and pencils at the outer corner of the eye we must remember not to finish the gradient at the end of the eye so as not to cut off its shape, but we must always continue a little towards the and upwards, as if to prolong its natural shape.

6. Do not overdo it with dark colors: 

Beware of too intense smoke, especially black ones, do not try your hand at making panda-effect eyes if you are not able to blend them. In fact, dark eye make-up is beautiful if done very well, otherwise it is really not very elegant! If you do not feel safe using lighter colors and therefore easier to blend, then as you have acquired manual skills, you can be more daring.

7. Do not use too many colors:

On the web we see literally all colors, colorful eye make-ups are beautiful to look at and unleash our imagination but, in everyday life, do we really want to go around wearing makeup like rainbows? Definitely not very chic! My advice is not to use more than 3 different eyeshadows for the creation of eye make-up.

8. Illuminate the eyebrow arch:

There are many ways to make up eyes, based on their shape and color, but one rule really applies to all, that is to always use a light eyeshadow under the eyebrow arch. This very simple gesture immediately gives three-dimensionality to the eye and makes the eyebrow more slender.

9. Pay attention to the pearly colors after the “doors”:

I have already explained it in the article on how to make up mature skin, when the first signs of aging begin to show on the eyes it is good to start preferring opaque or only slightly satin eyeshadows. This is because the very bright colors, reflecting the light, would highlight the small wrinkles around the eyes. A touch of shimmer eyeshadow is allowed only under the brow bone, where the skin is usually more relaxed.

10. Match the eyeshadow to the rest of the make-up:

Making make-up with colors in harmony with each other is not difficult, you just need to have a little eye! Just like when we have to combine a shirt with a pair of pants, so we have to combine eye makeup with lip and cheek makeup to be elegant. A very simple method is to use only warm colors or only cold colors in make-up.

I hope that these tips of mine can be useful to you, if you have any doubts, please leave a comment below, I will be happy to answer you!

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