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These are the most popular summer bags for 2021

These are the most popular summer bags for 2021
For most of us, a new (designer) bag is an investment that needs careful consideration. We’ll give you a little help in making your decision and tell you which are the most desirable summer bags for 2021. 

Summer is almost around the corner and we can hardly wait to run our summer wardrobe. But before that, you have to pack winter jackets airtight and stow-lined boots in the basement.

In most cases, we can combine jewelry and bags regardless of the season. Nevertheless, we would like to introduce you to two bag models that not only spark that “summer, sun, beach” feeling but also catapult you into the it-bag league in no time at all.

Summer bag trend: mesh and macrame bags

Because according to the global fashion shopping platform Lyst, search queries for mesh and macrame bags have risen by 146 percent since January 2021. It is not surprising: There is hardly any other bag material that embodies the lightness and the airy feeling of a summer dress as well as that of a mesh bag. The most popular items include the mesh bag with drawstring by Prada, the Staud Moreau bag, and the Naiya bag made of vegan leather by Nanushka. 

These bags can be filled with all important utensils and are therefore also ideal companions for all everyday situations. Another plus point: Due to their material, they are often feather-light and are perfect for shopping and a visit to the weekly market.

Summer bag trend: crochet bags

According to the survey, the search query for crochet bags has also increased by 62 percent in the past two weeks. The most popular models include those from Bottega Veneta, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel. They exude a Mediterranean touch and move somewhere between boho, wild seventies, and beach accessories. However, this bag also requires clever packing – otherwise, your cell phone, keys, and wallet will literally fall through the net.

The bag trends as a DIY project?

We have good news for all those who don’t want to dig deep into their pockets for their next crochet or mesh bag. Because this bag trend can easily be remodeled at home, even with a little manual skill.  

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