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How To Manage Your Storage Before and After Baby

by Tom
How To Manage Your Storage Before and After Baby

So you’re having a baby and aren’t sure where you’ll fit everything? If so, you aren’t alone. The reality is that a little bundle of joy comes with a lot of needs. From strollers and car seats to clothing and products to make life easy, bringing a little one into your life can mean it’s time to consider storage space. Whether you’re thinking about moving, repurposing rooms, or throwing out items you no longer use, there are ways to manage storage before and after your baby that will help take the stress out of this big transition. For a few ways to manage your changing storage needs at any point in pregnancy and beyond, read on.

Get the right storage unit for you.

One of the best ways to make storage decisions is to take a look at everything you own and make choices about what you need, want, and will need to use in the near future. After taking this inventory, you may find that you have sentimental and other items you want to keep for the future but don’t actually need to use now. In a case like this, it could be a great idea to look into renting one of many small storage units in your area. Start with calling a public storage space and asking about their storage options and storage prices. USA Self Storage, for example, can give you information on over 10,000 units across the US and about things like 24-hour access, security, options for lease lengths, and more.

Organize your wardrobe and store clothing

After getting the full details and picking the right storage unit for you, you’ll find that your mini storage unit helps you to make more room in your home for the new baby. Another great perk to having extra storage is that the storage unit you rent now is something you can continue to use as your baby grows. If other children are planned and you’ll want a safe and secure place to store items and clothes as this baby outgrows them, you’ll already be steps ahead with the storage locker you get now. Consider storing your own clothing, too. There’s a big difference from your typical clothes to those nursing bralettes you’ll depend on when your baby comes around. Having easy access to products that help make nursing your baby easier will be something you’ll thank yourself for.

The truth is that staying organized will be less of a chore with the right storage space. But sometimes, it’s not always easy to stay on top of clutter and chaos when adding a new baby to your family. If things are getting difficult, consider reaching out to a friend or family member for help in those early days after having your baby.

Find ways to be okay with clutter and chaos

Your ability to juggle parenting will impact your overall well-being and mental health no matter how well you handle your storage needs. For this reason, it’s important to go easy on yourself and remember that parenting isn’t always perfect. Do the best you can and your child will not only sense but love you for it.

At the end of the day, taking a solid inventory of the things you have and deciding what you want versus need in the immediate future is a great first step in making room for the baby. After doing some research on storage spaces and deciding if you need temporary storage or a whole new living situation, the next best step is to do what you can to organize the items you’ll toss or keep. In taking this process slowly and asking for help but understanding that children always come with a healthy touch of chaos, you’ll be ready for your new addition before you know it.

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