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How to use a Pressure Canner? Step-by-Step Process

by Moeen
Pressure Canner

First of all, you should understand that pressure canners are safe and there is nothing to worry about in using them. Second, if you have a pressure canner or intend to buy one, you must know how to use a pressure canner.

For this purpose, we have explained the usages so you won’t face any issues while using them. So, let’s start knowing how to use a pressure canner with a weighted gauge without wasting any time.

How do You use a Pressure canner for the First Time?

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to use a pressure canner for the first time, you need to read this article carefully.

There are various questions asked by beginners, such as how do you use a pressure canner for the first time? How long does it take to can with a pressure canner?

We will answer these queries in this article and you can look at best pressure canner reviews to find highly rated pressure canners.

Step-by-Step Process – How do you use a Pressure Canner?

There are a few simple steps you can follow to use a Pressure canner:

Heat the Jars:

People usually ask, how much water do you use in a pressure canner? First, add 2-inch to 3-inch water into the canner and place the lid loosely on the canner. Next, put just the jars into the water and let them heat up. After a few minutes, you can add food to them.

Pick one jar out of the canner and fill it with the food, and put it back into the canner before picking up the next jar.

Jar Filling:

It would be great if you filled a jar at a time. This way, the jars will remain hot when you put the food in them. Try to fill the jar tightly but don’t crush the food. Most importantly, consider the headspace so you can add a cap/lid to the jar.

However, you can add more water if you feel the need.

Lock the Lid:

The most frequent question asked here by beginners is, do you cover the jars with water when pressure canning?

The answer is no, canner the water should not cover the jars. Now, set the lid in place and twist the handles lock.

Vent out the Air:

Now, you must heat the burner and let the steam out of the canner. For Weighted-gauge, adjust weight in the regulator and set pressure regulator on the vent pipe.

Set the Pressure:

When you see the pressure regulators are rocking them adjust the heat and time according to your recipe. In the case of dial-gauge, start the timer when the gauge reads 11 pounds.

Time to Open:

Once your timer has ended, wait until the canner has been depressurized and the dial has returned to zero. It signifies that you can open the canner now.

Then, you can remove the regulator and open the canner away from you to avoid getting affected by steam.

Remove the Jars:

Wait until the jars cool down in the canner, which can take up to 10 minutes. Then you can take them out for safekeeping and use them whenever you need them. If any jar is open or you doubt that you can keep that one in the refrigerator for use.

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