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How to Spruce Up the Front of Your House: Top Design Updates for 2023

by Tom
How to Spruce Up the Front of Your House: Top Design Updates for 2023

The front of your home is like the cover of a book. While it may not be indicative of what’s inside, the “front cover” will play a huge part in setting the overall tone. People want to feel at ease and at home when they come back from work, and if you find that you can’t wait to get indoors because you don’t like the look of your home’s exterior, now is the time to change it with these top tips. 

Paint Your House 

The color of your home’s exterior can make a big difference to its overall appearance. A new, fresh coat of paint can make an older home look new again, and can add personality and charm to any home. When selecting a color, consider the style of your home and the other homes in your neighborhood. You also need to investigate the paint you use. While you can paint brick, for example, you’ll need to make sure the type of paint you use lets your bricks breathe so that moisture doesn’t build up behind the paint and cause damage. Prepping your exterior, using the right paint, and choosing a shade that will pop and make your home look stunning are all essential. 

If painting the full exterior isn’t in the cards, consider instead painting your window trim or doors. If your home is painted a neutral color, for example, consider painting your window trim and door in a bold color to make it stand out. Alternatively, if your home is already a bold color, painting your window trim and door with a complementary color or an option such as black or white can create a cohesive look.

Add a Door Canopy 

A door canopy is a great addition for those who want to add character to the front of their homes. These canopies even offer additional protection from the elements by shielding those just entering or leaving your home from the rain. Most importantly, of course, these canopies add that essential character and detailing that can help any home stand out. While choosing the design, it’s important to consider the material. A PVC door canopy will last longer and requires less maintenance than a wooden one, for example. 

Invest in Landscaping 

Landscaping can make a massive difference when it comes to the overall appearance of your home. Simple updates such as trimming bushes, planting colorful flowers, and adding mulch can make a big impact. If you have the budget for it, consider hiring a professional landscaper to help design a custom landscaping plan for your home. If not, take your design season by season and continue to add plants as you go. A happy medium is to hire professionals to put in a professional pathway or borders, so you can fill in your garden from there. 

Change Out the Fixings 

Small details including door handles, locks, and house numbers act like the icing on the cake and make a significant difference to the finished look of your property. If these items are old and worn, or just not to your taste, consider replacing them with new ones. Look for fixtures that complement the style and color of your home.

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