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How To Make Your Old Kitchen Look Like New

by Tom
How To Make Your Old Kitchen Look Like New

The kitchen is such an important room in any house that it pays to ensure it looks its best. This is the room where people gravitate to – at parties, get-togethers, family occasions, and even when it’s just you and your partner or children, the kitchen is likely to be where people are. 

Therefore, it makes sense to keep the kitchen looking good. The problem is that this is a potentially expensive job; renewing a kitchen every few years will eat into your budget quite substantially. However, there are some things you can do to prevent having to have an entirely new kitchen; you can simply make a few changes that will make the kitchen look new without having to go the whole way. Read on to find out more.

New Countertops

What is the first thing you see when you enter a kitchen? For many, it will be the countertops. After all, they take up a lot of space, and they’re generally along every wall. Plus, you use them all the time, whether it’s to prep food, make drinks, or just to place things on as you pass by. So if you’re only going to make one change to your kitchen, getting new countertops from Legacy Countertops is a good thing to do. 

When you change your countertops, you’ll change the entire look of the kitchen, making it look brand-new with just one change. That is a far less expensive thing to do than ripping out the kitchen and starting from scratch. Plus, if you want to change up the look a year or so down the line, a new countertop is an easy thing to manage.

New Hardware

If you do decide to have a new countertop, that’s potentially the only thing you’ll need to change in the kitchen to make it look new again. However, you can make some other changes if you feel it’s necessary, and new hardware is a good idea. This is quick and easy and will be within anyone’s budget. Hardware refers to kitchen cabinet handles and knobs. Switching these for new ones, perhaps in an entirely different style to what you had before, can work wonders. 

Changing your faucet is a good idea as well. Again, you can opt for a different style or simply a more up to date version of the type you already have. It will depend on your taste and what you feel works best in your kitchen. 

Add Storage

If you ask most people what’s missing in their kitchens, no matter how much they might like the room itself, the answer is very likely to be storage. If you have good storage in your kitchen, your fabulous new countertops can be on display, for example, rather than covered in kitchen equipment. Anything you do leave out on the side will be items you use all the time, such as a coffee maker, microwave, and mixer. You’ll have so much more space, and the kitchen will feel a lot bigger when you have adequate storage, which is why adding more storage to your kitchen is a great way to tidy things up and make the room look new. 

You might want to add more cabinets, although this can be tricky. If you can’t do this, why not look at the ones you already have? You can take out shelves to create storage for larger items, and you can add hooks so that larger utensils can hang beneath your wall cupboards. There are many options, so you’ll just need to take an objective look to work out how to use the space you have. 

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