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What Wedding Decorations Can You Make Yourself?

by Tom
What Wedding Decorations Can You Make Yourself

When it comes to your big day, you might find yourself worrying about all sorts. Will you make it to the church on time? Will the weather stay nice? Is there going to be unprecedented drama to spoil the atmosphere? Hopefully, everything will run smoothly, but one of the other biggest stresses that come out of weddings is a financial one. Even if you are getting help from your parents, weddings are not cheap, and worrying about the final bill can be enough to keep many couples up at night. If you are interested in saving some money when it comes to your nuptials, consider handmaking some of your wedding decorations to help ease some of the financial pressures. Below are a few ideas that you might like.

Bunting/Flag Banners

Bunting or flag banners are incredibly cute and are perfect for weddings. You can use different kinds of materials to make patchwork flags, and these would look gorgeous at a laid-back, vintage-inspired, or bohemian-style wedding. They can look great at more formal affairs too, but you might want to think about making the flags more uniform for this, as it can look smarter.

Table Centerpieces

You don’t have to spend even more money at the florist to help you create gorgeous table centerpieces for your wedding; this is certainly something that you can do yourself. If you want to keep things simple or rustic, fill vases with pinecones, dried flowers, or even mason jars with cute wildflowers. You can also put gorgeous tealights in mason jars or small ceramic dishes if you want to create a romantic ambiance in the evening. Dried or fresh fruit can also make interesting centerpieces.

Table Place Settings

Another thing that you can make yourself by hand is your wedding table place setting cards with your guests’ names on them. While these are items you can have professionally printed, if you do want to save some pennies, then why not create these yourselves? As long as you have good penmanship or use a stencil, they should turn out looking wonderful.

Photo Booth Area

While you might not want to hire a novelty photo booth, you can still create a space for guests to take photos and have some fun with this at your wedding. You can put a big sign with your married name or the date of your wedding behind it and leave out some novelty masks and props they can use. You can get custom stencils made for the sign to make it as neat as possible. Either ask your wedding photographer to take the pictures or leave some disposable cameras in the area for your guests to use. If you have a particular theme for your wedding, make sure the props you leave match this, and the surrounding décor encapsulates the theme well. For example, use wood and leaves for a rustic woodland wedding or fairy tale theme.

If you want to save some money on your wedding, consider these ideas for handmade decorations and see how amazing they can look.

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