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The Best Supplies To Have To Hand When Sewing Baby or Children’s Clothes

The Best Supplies To Have To Hand When Sewing Baby or Children’s Clothes

The generations called the ‘baby boomers’ and the ‘millennials’ have quite a few things in common. One of which is a fascination with making baby clothes from scratch and the need to step away from supermarkets or clothing shops to dress their kids.

What was once seen as a symbol of not having much money is now seen as one of having an excess amount of time and materials to hand. Making baby or children’s clothes from scratch is not only a specialized area but also one that, if you put a lot of time into, you can become exceedingly good at.

So, if this is something that you want to engage in and learn more about, what exactly do you need to have at hand aside from a sewing machine?

Free Patterns

When you want to make any kind of baby or child clothing, you need to access free online patterns. These will range from instructing you on how to sew a romper suit to a DIY children skirt pattern – and, in most cases, they will be written in plain and understandable English. Still, if the process of reading a sewing pattern seems intimidating, don’t worry! Plenty of online videos can instruct you on how to use these free patterns and begin your hobby of creating children’s clothes. 

Pieces of Fabric

When you begin sewing, you will inevitably have scraps of fabric left over, but these are well worth holding onto as they can be used to personalize a piece of clothing for your baby or child or even act as a reinforcement to help when the baby is growing. Plus, they can even be used to make other pieces of clothing altogether, such as belts or baby shoes.

Plastic Snaps

Plastic snaps are a must-have if you are making baby or toddler clothes. These poppers make opening areas of the clothes quicker than hand-sewing snaps or buttons, and they are easy to install. Be aware that baby clothes with plastic snaps on them may not be suitable for boil washing, as this can cause the plastic to warp. So, it may be worth only placing them on outer layers of clothing that are unlikely to get dirty.


Much like plastic snaps, elastic is a great closure tool for baby clothes, and because it’s comfortable, it is ideal when making baby clothes from scratch. It can be used in everything from baby shoes to diaper covers and even dresses, so make sure when you begin sewing projects that you have a lot of elastic to hand, as it may be the tool that makes the dress, headband, or romper suit fit!

Measuring Tape

And finally, no sewist will be able to sew without a measuring tape. Make sure it is a flexible one that you can place comfortably around the baby when you are measuring them. Be sure to have at least two measuring tapes if possible, so if you lose one, there will be another to hand! That way, your projects won’t get delayed.

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