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4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Prefer Villas Over Apartments in Dubai

by Alex
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The Dubai property market is ripe for investment. After facing a brief setback due to COVID-19, the market is cruising towards recovery. The commencement of the marquee event Expo 2020 has also aided in this pursuit, as there has been a notable improvement both in residential property prices and demand.

There are different types of residential properties to choose from in Dubai. However, the villa market, off lately, is cited as a driving force in the real estate sector. In fact, August 2021 witnessed a record double-digit growth in this market. This clearly signifies that the trend is shifting towards villas instead of apartments.

With that said, let’s take a look at 4 major reasons why villas are becoming popular with property buyers in Dubai:

Spacious & Luxurious

Most villas for sale in Dubai are large, independent dwellings. These houses come with spacious rooms. There’s a separate living room, dining area, terrace, parking space, etc. Some units also have additional rooms for storage and household help.

This is one of the major reasons why the demand for villas have surged up even during the time when the country was battling the global pandemic. There was a fear of another lockdown, and most people didn’t want to live their lives confined in a small unit without a place to breathe fresh air. The reduced prices due to COVID-19 also helped the cause, and people started looking for villas for sale to get bigger, spacious houses.

Another factor that attracts property seekers is that villas for sale in Dubai offer a luxurious lifestyle. They are built with a view to providing residents with an upscale lifestyle. Most of these properties are located in idyllic, self-contained communities that offer stunning views and come with every facility one requires. This further elevates the values of these villas.

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More Interest from Buyers

The demand for villas for sale, as stated above, has seen a major surge in the last year or so. This has reflected in their prices as well. Hence, investors now prefer these standalone homes instead of apartments for investment purposes. The purpose is either to sell them at higher rates, which is quite the possibility these days as prices and demand are going up, or they can be rented out. The latter is a convenient way to earn a passive stream of income.


There’s no doubt that the latest apartment projects come with the most advanced set of amenities and facilities. However, the ‘exclusivity’ factor is missing. Wondering how? All of these amenities and facilities are to be shared with other residents.

Take, for example, swimming pools, it’s the property of the building, and residents have to share this facility with others. This, however, isn’t an issue when one lives in a villa. The swimming pool in a villa is the property of the villa owner. Even if you live in a villa on rent, you can use its facilities without sharing it with anyone.

Furthermore, there are certain restrictions as well. For instance, many buildings do not allow residents to keep pets with them. Similarly, there are many other regulations in place that the residents must abide by.  

Privacy & Seclusion

Apart from exclusivity, apartments lack privacy as well. So, if you want enhanced privacy and a secluded lifestyle, opt for villas. These are, as we all know, independent units with open spaces on all their sides. This means that your next-door neighbours are going to be a few feet apart, with no shared wall between both these residences. There’s also no concern of noise pollution in these units, as most villas are part of gated communities, located away from the hustle of the city, yet in close proximity to its facilities.

The Way Forward

In all, the growing demand, better economic conditions of the emirate, and predicted growth, along with many other factors, make it the right time to buy a property in the emirate. However, before you start looking for villas for sale in Dubai, you should do your complete research and make a list of areas that offer better potentials in terms of ROI. Also, shortlist top real estate agents and hire the best out of the lot. There are numerous other factors you must take into account in order to make an informed decision so that you can fully reap the benefits of buying a villa in Dubai.4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Prefer Villas Over Apartments in Dubai

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