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 7 Ways You Can Style Your Sweatshirts for Men

by Anne

A Sweatshirt may not be the most fashionable item in your closet, but it is the most versatile, practical and comfortable of the available ones.

Sweatshirts were the staple clothing outfit for Paul Newman straight for six straight decades, back from the 50s-60s to the 80’s red carpet events as well, and from there, and for now, it is the modern menswear staple that every man should own.

With this loose-fitting and warm garment, you can easily switch from sportswear to luxury wear and leisure mode, running parallel to each other.

Sweatshirts for Men- The New Age Attire Amongst Youngsters

Like most of the other sportswear categories, sweatshirts or hoodies too were the humble beginnings.

Most of the men’s clothing outfits are designed with practicality, with some identified reasons. This is what justifies the origin of Sweatshirts- Comfort, Versatility and warmth. 

From easily styling it for a day off for simply chilling at home to pairing it for a casual weekend party and hitting the dance floors, the piece’s adaptability is far beyond our imaginations. This is a huge choice with the availability of multiple colour prints and patterns.

Sweatshirts are therefore the most comfortable and easy-to-carry category for men.

Here are the seven expert-approved ways to style a sweatshirt to get into this warm look, giving you easy pairing options to remap your sartorial habits.

7 Ways to Style Your Sweatshirt:

1- How to Style with Plain Shirts?

Styling a plain shirt under a sweatshirt is one of the classic and most opted combinations. This smarter layering option will help you with both casual and formal looks. All you need to do is select the ideal colour from the palette.

You can opt either for a similar colour combination, a contrasting colour combination, or some pop shades to be the highlight of the occasion. Pair accordingly with either formal shoes or sneakers to complete the look.

2- How to Style a Men’s Crew Neck TShirt?

Crew neck is a round neck with no collars, usually worn as a layering outfit. To increase the warmth for sweatshirts in winters or to add a colour combination to your outfit, Crew Neck T-Shirts are an ideal add-on.

Opt for a white shirt under a black or any dark coloured hoodie, with bottom round edges exposed to get the pop look.

3- How to Style with Shorts?

Wearing a sweatshirt and shorts at the same time isn’t just acceptable, it’s actually stylish. .

The combination of the two, sweatshirt and  shorts, is an enjoyable fashion statement that can be worn to the gym, or on a more casual day out with friends. The comfort of sweatshirts and shorts is likely something you already love about this style mixing.

4- How to Style with Men’s Flannel Shirt?

To the ones who want to hit this category with casual looks and feels, flannel shirts are an ideal option for your outfit. These themselves have a casual aura further adorned with the versatility of sweatshirts.

Pair a solid colour sweatshirt with flannel shirts, exposed collar and round bottom edges; pair it with sneakers and a funky watch. This outfit is ideal for daily office looks, brunch scenes, night parties, or even a date with your partner.

5- How to Style with Joggers?

 Joggers and Sweatshirts both belong to the same family. Both have originated from sportswear to the staple wardrobe clothing item. These two come with an easy pairing option, a must-try outfit for casual outings.

Pair a white coloured sweatshirt with white joggers, complementing the look with pop coloured watch or sneakers to add a hip-hop element to your outfit.

6- How to Style with Men’s Long Sleeves Polos?

Long Sleeve Polo T-shirts are an ideal choice for formal meetings. Collar exposed, pair it with a patterned sweatshirt to add a layer of warmth and comfort to your outfit. Style it with semi-formal shoes, accessorizing with a formal watch to complete the look.

7- How to Style with Men’s Denim?

Denim has its special corners in everyone’s wardrobe with unmatched versatility and pairing options. Style your denim looks with a solid or patterned sweatshirt, funky watch and a high-top sneaker for a casual outing.

Pair it with a white shirt exposing the collars off your sweatshirt, and complete the look with semi-formal shoes for formal appearances.

Where To Buy Your Dream Sweatshirt From?

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Sweatshirts are therefore another hit category for the platform. Designed with 100% cotton fabric, the online website has a plethora of options, varying from plain sweatshirts to plain zip hoodies and colour block sweatshirts, all available at the most affordable prices.

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And so, it’s a wrap. After exploring the versatility of sweatshirts or hoodies, you might too have decided to add them to your closet. These are undoubtedly the best items for your wardrobe that you’ll get plenty of use out of.

Now, all you need to do is figure out where to buy one. Check out Feranoid’s collection for the category to get your hands on some of the best colours and patterns that you would not want to miss out on.

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