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Top Reasons Why Crime Rate Has Increased

by Ameli
Why Crime Rate Has Increased

There’s no running away from the fact that the crime rate continues to increase at a shocking rate. Despite all the governments taking strict measures to prevent it, the crime rate doesn’t seem to come down. Especially after the advent of COVID 19, the crime rate has reached skyrocketing levels. This has compelled the cops to improve their efforts to protect people in society. In this feature, we will shed light on the top reasons behind the growing crime rate:

  • Poverty

This is the number one reason why the crime rate has increased. Although poverty is a major issue, it got worse as COVID 19 forced the global lockdown. Poverty is the result of various reasons such as lack of education, unemployment, and even no support from extended family members. For your information, around 20000 children die from poverty every day. As a result, people indulge in different crimes and continue to affect other people. So if you ever see police lights far away from the street, you can expect that criminal activity has taken place. 

  • Drugs

Long story cut short, drugs have always been scrutinized by people. A person addicted to drugs affects their personal and professional life. Or, in other words, they are ostracized by society. Drug addiction is a growing concern among youth. It forces an individual to indulge in violent behavior and get physical with others. If you ever get in a verbal spat with an addict, you will see them losing patience easily. This is why people usually step away from indulging with drug addicts. 

  • Peer Pressure

We live in a world where competition has emerged as a major problem. In other words, everyone wants to be in the front row and not become a better version of themselves. People usually get affected by their seniors or even influencers and try to be like them. In reality, it is best for a person to focus on themselves and see how they can bring a change in somebody’s life. Even workplace politics plays a huge role in making people lose their confidence. As a result, people start hurting each other verbally, and things can get worse too. 

  • Unemployment

There’s no shying away from the fact that unemployment has always been the core reason for the rising crime rate. Especially when COVID 19 caused a sudden loss of jobs, many people were forced to indulge in criminal activities to feed their families. The problem got worse in the developing countries where governments didn’t provide any support or relief to unemployed families. Unless COVID 19 gets wiped out, it is hard to say if unemployment will go away anytime soon. 

  • Religion

Religious fanaticism is yet another for the increasing crime rate. In today’s time, there are various cases of attacks on churches, temples and other holy places. Because religious freedom is being scrutinized in many countries globally, it is hard for people to stay secure. Unless the religious issues don’t come down, it will be hard to live in a free world. 

The Crime Rate of any nation is an authority measurement that mirrors specific characterizing focuses for a country. The nature and the overall thought processes behind the wrongdoing is generally insignificant, and analysts seldom fret about esteem arranged evaluation of information. All things considered, the crime percentage of a nation is normally settled on the quantity of formally held up instances of wrongdoing, ordered over a time of typically a year.
Subjective decisions seldom impact the measurement in a nation, and subsequently, a negligible instance of robbery would really impact the measurement as much as a capital wrongdoing. What to note about these measurements inside a specific time span is that the aggregation cycle is generally founded on true crook reports and examinations. Henceforth, wrongdoing insights regularly will quite often neglect informal cases of crimes, and unreported/doubtful violations.
The Crime rate is regularly viewed as a critical record to pass judgment on the government assistance and the quality/way of life inside a specific country. Normally, such records for a specific nation are accumulated, gathered and distributed by worldwide organizations like the Interpol and the U.N regulation keeping corps. Such reviews can be fair-minded reportage of especially pervasive wrongdoing patterns inside any nation, subsequently filling in as a summed up list for peace and lawfulness inside a country.
Notwithstanding, the measurement alone is definitely not a totally intelligent device that could be straightforwardly applied to find out the social states of each economy. Commonly, these ‘insights’ don’t actually show how much basic freedoms infringement and disruption of basic liberties as executed by the state. Henceforth, state-supported demonstrations of psychological oppression, authoritarian brutality and occurrences of political viciousness frequently go unincorporated inside the authority wrongdoing measurement of an economy.
Albeit the crime percentage is for the most part intelligent of the authority requirement status and the rule of law scene, they must be painstakingly confirmed for exactness now and again. There are various crook cases like criminal traffic offenses, unimportant encounters and instances of pay off and so forth which may be under-revealed by the neighborhood police specialists. Each occasion of crime must be accounted for and remembered for the crime percentage measurement after the course of conviction, or some equal arrangement has been reached, and the case is never again sub-judice.

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