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ZOB Glass: A California Bong Company


ZOB Glass is a pioneer in modern scientific glass water smoking devices. The California-based company offers a wide variety of devices that smokers can explore. The brand offers a blend of style, convenience, and variety. 

From wobblers and bubblers to bangers, concentrate rigs, bongs, and dab rigs, users can find a wide range of products that ensures a satisfying and smooth smoking experience. Suffice to mention that the company has been around since the late 1990s and it is one of the leading manufacturers of scientific, thick, and top-quality glass. 

Unique Features of ZOB Glass Products

ZOB Glass specializes in scientific glass water bongs. The company produces stylish yet functional glass smoking devices that do not compromise health standards. With many states legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes and more recognizing it for its medicinal purposes, cannabis-related products are gaining more attention. 

More than ever, it is crucial to choose less-toxic products and those that deliver a smooth experience always. ZOB Glass checks the card on all requirements. For a start, the stunning crystalline transparency of the glassware collection makes each item a delightful piece to own. The products especially combine style and health. 

These smoking devices are crafted from transparent borosilicate glass. Each incorporates silicate engineering with standard density to match the glass equipment quality used in the laboratories. They feature in-built percolators that filter and distill the smoke, which makes your lungs less strained and less burdened with the effects of the smoke. 

Each smoking device comes with detachable or fixed-down stems. It also features an attached ice catcher that helps to cool the smoke and offers a unique sight of the smoke as it spirals down. Of course, this is a sight that most glassware smokers look forward to seeing. 

Suffice to mention that the company offers more than its designs. It also creates customized designs for devices and pipes at customers’ requests. That means if you want to add a unique touch to your smoking experience, you can get it from ZOB Glass.

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What are the Popular ZOB Glass Products in the Market?

ZOB Glass is all about functionality, unique features, convenience, customization, sturdiness, style, and enjoyment. These are what make the products the preferred choices among users. Here are some popular products available in the market from this company.

  • ZOB Bongs

These are undoubtedly some of the best bong varieties in the market today. The scientific bongs and beaker bongs are some of the most popular and bestsellers. They look a lot like conventional laboratory equipment, thanks to their shape. 

They feature percolators, which are for cooling and filtering. The classic type also features down stem diffusers. The best part about ZOB bongs is that users have the freedom to choose and customize their products based on their preferred adornments and design.

  • ZOB Bubblers

A bubbler is one of the indigenous and oldest methods of smoking. ZOB has improved and revolutionized bubbler with state-of-the-art technology and unique styles. ZOB bubblers feature transparent scientific glass with a splash-free and stemless design. 

Each comes with a fiat disc showerhead percolator that makes for excellent diffusion. It measures 9-inch in height and its high-quality boro-glass makes the ZOB bubbler a great choice for smoking wax or flower. The simple design engenders powerful hits, while the extra diffusion makes for smooth smoking always.

  • ZOB Dab Rigs

Also known as oil rigs or concentrate pipes, Zob dab rigs are the ultimate smoking device for stylish smokers. It ensures that smokers get the best from their oils and concentrates while delivering smooth and clean inhalation. This product is one of the most remarkable innovations available to concentrate smokers. 

Bongs are designed for a harsher and more powerful smoking experience. The dab rigs are smaller and designed to minimize the intensity of the drags when smokers exhale scented and colorful smoke. Users can choose a preferred nail type to fix the rig to give an enjoyable and smoother smoking experience.

  • ZOB Quartz Bangers

The ZOB Quartz banger is designed to work with the ZOB dab rig to create an exceptional smoking experience anytime. When fixed to the rig water pipe and heated, the concentrate evaporates and the smoker can drag from the rig directly. 

This guarantees a healthier and cleaner way of taking cannabis instead of smoking. It is a preferred choice over ceramic, glass, and titanium nails.

With the awareness that dabbing is a safer method of consuming cannabis, bongs and dab rigs are becoming more prominent among smokers. ZOB Glass is a leading pioneer of products that support dabbing and deliver a great experience to customers. The company offers a wide range of glass smoking accessories and devices to customers across North America and beyond.

Why use ZOB Glass Products

Many smoking devices and accessories are available in the market. However, it is crucial to choose the best to enjoy your smoking experience. ZOB products are one of the best options you can find in the market. Here are some reasons why the brand remains the first choice for many.

  • Stunning and highly durable

In terms of aesthetics, these devices come top. The brand offers a wide range of designs, shades, and colors. In addition to its beauty, it is also highly durable. It does not get damaged or broken even when shuttled, dropped, or poorly handled in extreme climates.

  • Safety and high quality

These products are crafted from Borosilicate, which means they can withstand thermal shock and extreme heat. Each device is created with special care and high precision to ensure safety and an unobstructed smoking experience.

  • Healthier Smoking

The devices are created for an excellent dabbing experience, which is a healthier alternative to cannabis consumption instead of smoking. The products come with percolators, filters, distillers, and other accessories to guarantee healthier smoking.

  • Ease of Use

ZoB products are easy to use. When compared to smoking through buds, they are easier and faster to prepare, making for convenient smoking.

Final Thoughts

ZOB Glass products are popular among cannabis smokers for obvious reasons. We looked at the features and benefits of using these products. They all point to a guaranteed smoking experience.

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