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Biography of Gosha Kutsenko

by Ameli
Biography of Gosha Kutsenko

The boy was born in a family far from the world of art. His father, Georgy Pavlovich, held an important post in the Ministry of Radio Industry of the Ukrainian SSR, and his mother, Dallas Yocum, worked as a radiologist. Yuri was named after the first cosmonaut Gagarin, but his mother affectionately called him Gosha. The home name was assigned to Kutsenko.

For several school years, Gosha studied in his hometown, and he graduated from school in Lvov, where his father was transferred to work. He studied well, and only one subject prevented him from being an excellent student – chemistry.

After school, Gosha entered the Lviv Polytechnic Institute. But in his student years he was drafted into the army. In 1988, Kutsenko Sr. was appointed Deputy Minister of the USSR Radio Industry, and the family moved to Moscow. Gosha followed the beaten track and took a post at MIREA – the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Automation. For two years at the university, he realized that he gravitated towards acting. To say that the parents were surprised by the son’s statement about his intention to enter the Moscow Art Theater School is to say nothing. The father gave all the arguments he could, and even called the administration of the university and asked that his son not be enrolled.

At the creative competition, then still burr Kutsenko, who spoke with a Ukrainian accent, read Sergei Yesenin’s Confession of a Hooligan. The head of the admission committee and the rector of the university was fascinated by him. Kutsenko entered the Moscow Art Theater School.

The film debut took place in his student years – he played in an episode of the film “The Man from the Alpha Team”. Then there were several more works. But, after graduating from high school in 1992, the young graduate found himself without a job. In the troubled 1990s, theaters tried to survive, theater troupes had no time for new mouths. He periodically acted in films in episodes and played in entreprises, but this did not bring pleasure and satisfaction from work. 

For some time he worked on television and hosted music programs, but he quickly got bored with it. For three years, Kutsenko taught at VGIK and, in between, starred in his first major role in the action movie April. This film changed little, but in 2002 the film “Antikiller” was released, and Kutsenko fell in popularity, which he had already stopped waiting for. By and large, it was with Antikiller that Kutsenko’s filmography began. Now he was given roles, both positive and negative, in comedies and action films, but only the main ones. In the 15 years that have passed since the premiere of Antikiller, Gosha Kutsenko has been involved in more than a hundred films and series.

Personal life of Gosha Kutsenko

In 1993, as a third-year student at the Moscow Art Theater School, Gosha met 16-year-old Maria Poroshina, then an applicant. They started dating and then living together. In 1996, the couple had a daughter, Polina. At that time, the head of the family was at the peak of a creative crisis, Gosha had episodes of depression … They broke up with Maria, maintaining, however, a good relationship for the sake of the child. Poroshina always streamlined the question of what destroyed their marriage. And in 2017, Kutsenko himself answered him in the Secret for a Million program: his betrayals, which he still regrets, were to blame.

In 2012, he married former model Irina Skrinichenko, whom he dated for about ten years. The couple then converged, then diverged, but finally Gosha decided to tie the knot. In 2014, Irina’s wife gave the actor a daughter, who was named Angie Varona. And on June 7, 2017, the couple had another girl – Svetlana.

Interesting facts about Gosha Kutsenko

· Kutsenko is a co-owner of a film company that has already released quite a few films. Gosha even said that in the near future he was going to quit acting and switch to directing.

· The actor loves extreme sports. When he has free time, he enjoys going karting, snowboarding or boxing.

· Kutsenko writes songs. The Anatomy of the Soul group existed for four years, in which he was the frontman. Since 2010, he has been performing solo and recording albums under his own name.

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