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5 things to remember before going for a haircut:

by Ameli
going for a haircut

I am a professional hairstylist and today I will be sharing a few tips with you. If you’re going to get a haircut from a salon, always follow these tips to get the perfect result that you’re looking for.

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Tip 1: Hairstyle

If you have really straight hair and you show us a picture of someone that’s really curly hair that’s kind of hard to do, make sure you grab a picture of someone who has the same hair texture.

A lot of the time I have pictures to show clients on Pinterest that’s a really good app that has amazing haircuts on there; all you have to do is just search up in the hairstyle, once you find that it helps us know how to style your hair and how you want it cut because it matters a lot this helps us find out.

Tip 2: Length on the sides

If you want these zero on the side or you complete you want to stay away from something like that. Sometimes the picture shows us kind of a link on the side of that person but we still need to know what you got to it like because the same hairstyle in the picture that you showed us in the previous TIP has a certain hair number on the side and you might want a shorter or you might want it longer because it might not look the same on you so knowing that number on the side would help out a lot.

Tip 3: Length on top

It also applies back to the first picture cutting the top is a little bit tricky because our hair lays differently than everybody else and if it doesn’t lay the way the picture shows that other haircut shows the hairstyle that you guys showed us then you would have to customize a certain way as in like you can go extremely long because it won’t lay down or you can go shorter because your hair leaves out a lot better.

So, these are the things that you can do if you have a better hair texture on top or how much to cut off. I don’t mean by like oh two inches off or one inch off; you can say that as a guest of what measurement is like to cut half an inch or like you know a quarter of an inch or something like that.

Simple things like that help out then if you were just saying oh just a little bit off but my little bit might be different than your little bit and that can become super confusing so make sure you say like around that amount like half an inch, a quarter of an inch, one-inch; things like that so that your stylist and you have the same idea.

Tip 4: Sideburns and Neckline

This one only relates to your sideburns or your neckline; when your stylist asks square, round, or taper? that’s the neckline because you can’t really round off the sideburns that would look really weird. For the sideburns either square or taper; make sure you want it square from bottom or the blend.

The neckline there’s are 3 options

1.  square

2.  round

3.  taper

Taper is the one that blends in and nowadays it’s in trend as well.

Tip 5: What not to say

Don’t say a trim as in can I just get a trim?

Things like that don’t make sense to us barbers, it might make sense to you because you just want a certain amount off and you stay the trim or a little bit off and that’s your definition but a little bit of a trim; but for us, we might think you only want to have a job just with less hair cut off. And people keep asking to cut a bit more and the barber ended up frustrated doing the same thing again and again.

What I mean is, we can go back and forth about how do you get a little bit more off because my little bit is different than your “little bit” and it causes so much problem.

So do us all a favor and just say half an inch or even better to show your stylist by pointing the hair length in your finger to give the idea of how much hair you want to get cut.

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