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What can you do with unwanted gift cards in Nigeria?

by Hassan
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Have you got a stack of unused and unwanted gift cards sitting at home? One option is to sell your unwanted gift cards in Nigeria. You can use a website and buyer to get instant cash and get rid of these unwanted gift cards easily, without losing out.

GC Buying

GC Buying uses modern technology to create a straightforward portal where you can sell your unwanted gift cards right away. The aim is to help Africa forward into the technological age and at the same time, offer a convenient and easy-to-use trade space for customers. GC Buying is a unique website for trading gift cards because the trades are so easy and effortless to complete. With recent upgrades to the platform, you can now buy gift cards as well as sell them, all from a user dashboard.

How It Works

Trading gift cards is straightforward. Open an account and get started today. All you do is sign up online or send a message to GC Buying on WhatsApp. Create your account and log in to begin the process. Once you have your dashboard, you will have an option to sell gift cards. Start this process by updating your bank details, which is where your payment will be sent to.

To sell your gift card, click on the sell gift cards option, and fill out the form. After you have filled in your details, submit the form, and wait for the processing to finish. After the cards have been processed and accepted, you will be credited the equivalent value in naira into your GC Buying account. You can see this money on your dashboard. Next, withdraw your funds from the account by clicking on the Withdraw Now button. Submit the request and wait for approval. As soon as the withdrawal request is successful, your bank account will be credited immediately. Easy.

Why GC Buying?

GC Buying is one of the best gift cards trading websites available. You can sell various gift cards, including iTunes, Amazon, Steam, Google Play, Sephora, and more. Work with GC Buying because they are a trusted site and will work quickly to get you your money. You will be offered a competitive price as GC Buying values the gift cards based on the consumer market for the brand. You will get the highest price for your gift cards by selling them in this way to GC Buying.

Sell Unwanted Gift Cards

Now you know how easy it is to sell you unwanted gift cards quickly in Nigeria using GC Buying, as well as the best reasons for using GC Buying to make the trade. You can contact GC Buying if you have any questions that you might have about the process, or read more on the blog to learn more.


The process of trading gift cards is easy and straightforward with GC Buying. Simply sign up or send us a message on WhatsApp at — +234 704 816 1101

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