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Complete Guide to Testament Trainer 38 Cheats

by Ameli
Testament Trainer

The PC version of Testament is a wonderful shooter game. The Amiga version of the game may be used to play it. Published on December 31, 1996, it was last updated on December 31, 2018. An official ESRB rating of “E” signifies that anybody may play the PC version of the game.

Total and average scores for this first-person shooter are 97.21 and 94.25, respectively. A total of 15668 people has rated this game, and more than 5017 people across the globe are following it on social media. You may get the Testament Trainer and use 38 cheats in the game.

To unlock all of the trainer’s features, you’ll need the Testament Trainer. The PC version of Testament Cheats is completely free to use. Our Op Trainers Website is the best place to get Testament Mods.

Testament Summary

The ancient magus Ghuwta, a powerful sorcerer and the ruler of an empire 4000 years ago, is buried in the crypt of a soldier named you. You were, at least, until you became separated from the rest of your crew. Now, your only goal is to live and finally find your way out of the ghostly regions. Unfortunately, fighting Ghuwta’s spirit seems to be the only way out.

There are graveyards and tunnels full of old fantasy creatures to be found throughout the game’s landscape. The “testament” of the game may be found on each level in the form of a scroll. You’ll be able to save your progress and continue your adventure at a later time.

As in the original Doom, there is no ability to gaze up or down and very minimal lighting effects and bitmapped creatures in this version of the game. It does have faded light into the distant and a map overlay, as well as running on an Amiga 1200 that has not been enlarged.

Testament Trainer

In-Game cheats are available using the Windows-based Testament Trainer program. There are a lot of choices in this cheat menu. Unlimited hacks are available in the game with the help of Testament Trainer. 

You don’t have to pay to utilize any of the available cheats from the Menu. They won’t interfere with your gameplay since the Trainer is hidden when you activate the Testament Mod. Testament Trainer includes a total of 38 cheats. Optitrainers.com has the whole list.

Why Do You Need to Have This Trainer?

Your game will be more exciting with the aid of the Testament Trainer. More than 38 cheats are available in the Trainer’s cheat list. Everything in the game is unlocked with them and you may gain unlimited resources with ease.

The Mod also includes other features, such as game hacks. Freeze Play Timer, Unlimited Praxis, No Blacksmith Requirements, Treasury Multiplier, Maximum Supplies, Gold, Unlimited Troops, Maximum Cooking Success Rate & the list continues on. Several tasks prove difficult for players to complete. To summarize, Testament Mod makes it easy to accomplish the game’s final quests. You can make the game more engaging while also having a good time by using hacks.

Testament Trainer Features

There are several Testament Cheats Trainer functions, so we’ll only go through a few of them here:

Offer 38 Cheats Options

Over 38 hacks are accessible in the Trainer, including Freeze Play Timer and Highlight Hidden Items & Interactable. In the game, they may be activated at any time.

Fix Game Lag

Training the Trainer fixes in-game lagging issues. Lags are a nuisance for many gamers. So, the Mod has the potential to cure all lags in the game (If any).

Bug Fix

The Trainer has been completely reworked to remove any bugs. In order to keep the Trainer up-to-date, there are no bugs.


Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 are all supported by the Mod. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11.

Ease to use

The usage of Testament Trainer is a breeze. Using the Graphical Interface is more user-friendly. All you have to do is click on Cheats and then Activate.

Top Rated on Trust Pilot

Trustpilot gives Testament Cheats a score of 4.1. This suggests that it has a higher rating of satisfaction from reviewers. As a result, these are the most important Testament Trainer features. These Cheats have additional benefits.

Is this Trainer Safe to Use?

The usage of Testament Trainer is completely risk-free. The Virus Total score of 1/47 for this application is quite low. False Positive App is the name given to it. As a result, some antivirus programs may classify the Mod as a virus, however, it is perfectly harmless. Running the Trainer will allow you to disregard this message and proceed.

A Trustpilot rating of 4.1/5 indicates that players have offered Testament Cheats positive feedback and are entirely satisfied with the service. They are awed by the trainer’s ability to swiftly activate cheats for them without any fuss.

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