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Elevator Shoes – appear taller discreetly

by Tom
elevator shoes for men

Before the benefits can be talked about the first thing that needs to be covered is, what exactly are elevator shoes?  

If you are not familiar, they are now the most commonly worn shoes by men who want to appear taller. Before men would typically wear platform shoes; they were at the peak of popularity in the west during the 1970s, but they fell out of style. 

The shoes have an additional layer that most other shoes don’t have, between the outer soles (the bottom of the shoe) and the insole (the inside part you put your feet on). Between those layers, there is what is called a shoe lift; which is to make the wearer appear taller. 

The idea of the shoe is to make the wearer would appear taller discreetly. The shoes are designed in such a manner that other people are not supposed to be able to tell that you are wearing them.   

The main benefit to guidomaggi elevator shoes is without a doubt being able to discreetly pick your height; it’s the main reason that men wear them.  

Since the height increase happens within the shoe itself there is only so much additional height that can be added without being blatantly obvious or venturing into the world of the absurd. The usual heigh increase is about 2-3 inches with a max of about 5 inches. 

For a lot of men that can make all the difference. It has been incredibly common for shorter men over the years to be self-conscious about their height.

Being able to discreetly add a few inches to their height could exponentially improve their confidence issues, this has been a significant draw for men with height insecurity to wearing guidomaggi elevator shoes.

Platform shoes could also be worn to increase height as they do the same thing, the issue is though that the height increase is done on the outside so they can’t be worn to subtly increase height.  

Elevator shoes don’t typically cause any health issues. What is meant by this? Well, a very popular shoe for women to wear to increase height is the high heel. They aren’t the exact same obviously; high heels typically increase height significantly and it is done in an overt manner not discreet.  

Studies have shown that women who routinely wear high heeled shoes develop health issues later in life such as feet, leg, and back problems. With elevator shoes that just isn’t the case. There has been no evidence found that wearing elevator shoes causes similar or other types of health issues, so you can be incredibly fashionable without causing problems.  

Elevator shoes come in all different styles, from professional to casual shoes they come in all kinds of styles. Since elevator shoes aren’t directly a type of style in and of themselves; any shoe can be developed to be an elevator shoe. Meaning that you can wear the style of shoe that you like at the same time as having the benefits that come with wearing elevator shoes. 

Elevator shoes have increased in popularity among shorter men significantly and it is easy to see why that is the case.

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