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A Girl’s Guide to Catching a Rich Boyfriend (or) Sugar Daddy

by Tom
A Girl's Guide to Catching a Rich Boyfriend (or) Sugar Daddy

Have you always dreamed of dating a man who can satisfy all your whims and fantasies? Well here is the ultimate guide to bagging your very own sugar daddy!

Okay, so you got to that point in your life where you realized that you appreciate the finer things in life, but you don’t have your own funds to pay for such luxuries.

This leaves only one option, find a boyfriend who can afford the lifestyle of your dreams. There are plenty of men out there who are happy to pay for anything to keep their girlfriend happy, so all you have to do is follow our tips to help you pack that guy with the bulging wallet.

How to Find a Sugar Daddy or A Rich Boyfriend

If you want to catch yourself with a no strings attached daddy, or a rich boyfriend who can make your dreams come true, use sugardaddyseek and just follow these steps and work your way to the right man’s heart.

Set your Personal Guidelines

Before you begin your search, you must first make a few decisions. For example, you need to decide the maximum age limit that your potential beau should be. There’s no point in being with someone who makes him uncomfortable, so if a 30-year age gap bothers him, he just doesn’t go there.

Expectations and Wishes

It’s also a good idea to think about what you would like to spend as a sugar baby. Do you expect Mr. Rich to pay your rent on a luxury apartment and take you on an exotic vacation or do you just want a pair of designer shoes, a nice piece of jewelry and a weekend in Paris every now and then?

Knowing what you want from this relationship will help you weed out those who simply aren’t rich enough to afford the lifestyle you’re hoping for.

Relationship Status

The ultimate decision is to consider what relationship status the man should have. Do you just want to have fun with a rich married man who will pay anything to keep you happy in exchange for the occasional extramarital fun from him, or would you prefer a rich widower or single bachelor who wants to spend all his free time with you?

Knowing this will also help you find the perfect match. If you have no preference in any way in relationship status, then you may have the choice of the bunch.

Make it Desirable to a Rich Man

You’ve heard the expression ‘speculate to accumulate’, well this is where you need to put this into practice and dig deep into your savings/overdraft to make that initial investment in yourself. A rich man will also be used to the finer things in life and that will include his choice of woman, so it is important that you look as immaculate as possible to catch her eye.

The High-Maintenance Woman

Get your hair in a sophisticated style, make sure you regularly visit a salon and buy the nicest clothes you can afford. His potential walking wallet may not be interested in the amount of money he has, but he will expect the paper to be seen. So to initially catch his eye, make sure you look amazing every time you go out.

This will also help you later on when you have your beautifully manicured nails clipped right onto it and tell it that it looks just as good as you do. it’s not cheap and takes hours to reach. Then watch how quickly your visa card jumps from your wallet right into your Gucci bag. After all, he also wants his beautiful girlfriend to look great all the time too.

Frequent Rich Men’s Hangouts

This is an absolute must. Trust us, you’re not going to find your new rich boyfriend/sugar daddy hanging out in your local booze. You have to start going to the theater and the ballet. You may not even enjoy these activities, but it’s important to show rich prospective boyfriends just how cultured you are. Keep your eyes open for ads in your local paper for art gallery opening nights.

Rich men enjoy fine art and will spend their money on a beautiful piece of art to hang in their study or pool room. While admiring the painting, you can admire his Armani suit. Pay attention to what the men around you are spending, if anything. This will give you a clue about your wealth and bank balance.

Play your Luck

Casinos are also good places to visit, especially members-only casinos. Granted, you may have to take out a second mortgage to pay your membership fee, but it will be worth it in the long run. The same goes for golf clubs as well. Forget yoga, golf clubs will soon be your new best friend as you sit in the cocktail lounge sipping mojitos while your sugar daddy plays eight holes.

Attend Various Parties

Also try to attend as many private parties as you can. You may have to get creative here to include an invitation to such events, but private cocktail parties and dinner dances are good places to look for your rich man.

Social Connections

Ask your friends if they have a friend of a friend who can help you get an invite to a ball or an exclusive show at the opera. This will also be good practice for getting used to the kind of events you might witness when you’re on Mr. Rich’s arm.

Set Up a Profile on Special Dating Sites

There are many online dating sites where women can set up a profile specifically to find a wealthy boyfriend or sugar daddy. This method of bagging your boyfriend is also good if she really doesn’t have the funds to go to expensive places and drink champagne with the hoi-poly.

Remember to take your time when creating your profile. It might even be worth taking some professional photos that you can use. Make sure you look sexy, sophisticated and attractive and don’t look like a dog’s dinner. If you can’t afford to take some professional photos, ask a friend to take some for you. Don’t post ‘selfies.’ They won’t really make a good first impression.

Cultured and Sophisticated!

Try to make yourself appear as cultured and interesting as possible. Bend the truth a bit if necessary. It’s worth waiting three hours listening to Pavarotti if he wins you a three-week Caribbean cruise in the summer! All you have to do is stay awake and act like you’re enjoying the chant, even if you don’t really understand a word of it.

If you’re the kind of person who has a hard time hiding your true feelings, then you better not mention any white lies on your dating profile, especially if you’re yawning loudly in boredom while you’re destined to enjoy a German version of Lake of the Dead. swans.

Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

If you follow our advice, you will soon find the right person. Be patient. Don’t expect to find exactly what you’re looking for in a week. It may take a little longer than that. You might also have to date a few Shreks before the right guy comes along, but don’t worry, just make sure every date you go is somewhere very exclusive and expensive. You can also enjoy a good meal and drink champagne while you are on your quest. Good luck and have fun!

Have fun, enjoy your search and follow these steps on how to find a rich dad or rich boyfriend, and in no time, you could find yourself in the arms of the man of your dreams, with his wallet in your hands!

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