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How to Use Ovulation Test Strips to Predict Your Most Fertile Days?

How to Use Ovulation Test Strips to Predict Your Most Fertile Days

If you are trying to conceive then you need to know about the ovulation phenomenon. Ovulation cycle is actually the time of the month in which the female body releases an egg from its ovaries into the fallopian tubes. The egg is released for the fertilization which is why it is recommended that intercourse should happen at this time. Fertility window is between 12 to 36 hours before the egg is released and so if you want to get pregnant then you need to have sex around this time. Now to have sex at the exact time you need to know about some ovulation predictor tips. You can also use the online fertility calculator to get a rough idea of your ovulation week.

To give you an estimate of ovulation, you should know that ovulation occurs around the middle of your menstrual cycle. This would be around two weeks before your period starts. The ovulation cycle can however be different every month especially if your period is not regular. Using an perfect ovulation calculator tool can easily give you an idea of your fertile window but to know when am I ovulating you need to try out the ovulation test strips.

What are Ovulation Test Strips and how can you use them?

First, most know that ovulation testing strips which are also known as chances of getting pregnant calculator strips are the home tests that can tell you whether you are ovulating or not. The tests work in the same manner as the home pregnancy strip tests. Using these strips can help you find out whether your body is fertile or not. You can have sex at the time when the strip tells you are ovulating.

The free ovulation calculator kits can simply detect the level of LH or luteinizing hormones in female urine. Rise in the LH values indicates that your ovaries are ready to release an egg and within the next day or two the egg would be released. When the strip detects high LH signals it would simply show two dark lines. If the LH levels are low then it means that your body is not ready to release an egg just yet. You can do the home test around the time when the ovulation date calculator tells you that you might be fertile.

When should you do the Home Ovulation Test Strips?

You cannot test your urine on a daily basis which is why it is important that you use an online ovulation calculator tool. The ovulation calculators can highlight the days around which your body might be releasing an egg. Chances of getting pregnant calculator are easily tell you the week in which you can do the tests at home.

Some tips that you need to follow while using ovulation predictor kits have been discussed below for your knowledge:

  • You must always use the advanced ovulation calculator kits around 12PM and 8PM. This is because the LH levels are at their peak around this time.
  • You have to make sure that your urine is concentrated before you do the test. You should avoid using the restroom for pee at least two to three hours before testing the strip.
  • At last you need to make sure that you follow the instructions that are given on the package.

Chances of getting pregnant calculator test kits are not that cheap but they are the most accurate solution to finding the right time to have intercourse to conceive. To avoid wasting strips we would suggest you to only do the tests during the window of fertility highlighted by the ovulation calculator!

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