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5 Weightlifting Mistakes to Avoid

5 Weightlifting Mistakes to Avoid

When you start to get into weightlifting, it can be an exciting experience as you begin to imagine all of the fitness goals that you have in front of you which can be hit. At the same time, there are also some core mistakes that you need to ensure that you are avoiding. Otherwise, you can end up not getting the full benefit – or worse still, you will do yourself an injury. So, here are just a few top weightlifting mistakes to avoid. 

1. Using Poor Quality Equipment 

Whether you are investing in gym equipment, you need to make sure that the quality is there in the first place. Otherwise, it is more likely to cause an injury as it could break or malfunction during your workout. As another alternative, you may simply not experience the full range of benefits that better equipment will give you, search for quality dumbbells or whatever equipment you need and check the reviews.

2. Failing to Warm Up First 

Right at the top of the list or potential ways that you can get inured, you have the potential issue of failing to warm up, which can make it much more likely that you will do yourself harm as your muscles are starting off from a cold state. To begin with, you can always do a little bit of light cardo or perhaps some dynamic stretches that signal to your body that you are going to start to move it around. 

3. Using Incorrect Form 

While lifting a weight may seem like a simple enough thing to do, there is certainly something to be said for ensuring that you are always using the proper form. As well as the potential risk of an injury occurring, there is also the fact that you may well not be hitting the specific muscles that you are looking to target in the first place, which is obviously going to be problematic in all sorts of different ways and can mean that you are simply wasting your time in what you are doing.

4. Lifting Too Quickly 

Sometimes, getting the weight into its upright and final position as quickly as possible is not going to be the best way of ensuring that you are hitting your goals. Using too much momentum is not going to hit the muscles that you are looking to target in the right way. You should also aim to go slower on the way back down again as you are helping to increase the amount of time that the muscle finds itself under tension, which can obviously prove to be a major advantage. 

5. Choosing the Wrong Weight 

If you are lifting a weight that is simply too light (or too heavy) you are not going to be getting the most out of it. If you are not sure, it is always going to be worth testing your abilities with a range of different potential options. 

All of these weightlifting mistakes need to be avoided as they can cause no end of trouble to you.

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