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How to Grow & Expand Your Dental Practice

How to Grow & Expand Your Dental Practice

Whether you have only just branched out and started your brand new and privately-owned dental practice or else have been steadily trudging along for a few years making enough money to cover your overheads, the dream of growing and expanding your clinic will always be at the forefront of your mind.

So, with that being said, continue reading for a comprehensive guide on how to grow and expand your dental practice. 

Broaden the Types of Services You Offer

The first and most effective way of expanding and growing the regular patient base of your private dental clinic is to start to broaden your horizons in terms of the services you offer and expand the different types of treatments you provide too. 

Not only will expanding your practice’s services inevitably result in an influx of new patients, especially if you invest in a prolific and effective marketing campaign strategy, but it will also place you in a higher ranking alongside your local rivals and larger competitors.

One growing but, as of yet, in this country at least, untapped area of the market lies in offering various dental services and treatments to those individuals who are either underinsured for the treatment they need or else do not currently hold any dental insurance at all. 

Upgrade Your Tools & Equipment

A slightly more expensive but seriously rewarding in a wide plethora of multi-faceted ways, to expand your patient base is to invest in a higher quality of tools and equipment which you use within your clinic, both in the treatment rooms themselves and in the reception area. 

Contacting a prestigious and established dental equipment retailer who provides both dental supplies in the UK as well as internationally and arranging sample parts and key tools for you to try out in your clinic will inevitably result in you updating the entirety of your inventory. 

Actively Encourage & Engage with Online Reviews

Whether you are happy and even revel in the modern influence and proverbial power that the internet has over smaller and larger businesses alike, the fact remains that if you are indeed serious about growing and expanding your private dental clinic, you should start o actively engage with online reviews.

The importance of your online reputation can simply never be overestimated and having a Proven web design for orthodontic practices will drive traffic to your site which will bring in more reviews to your service and for those customers create an incentive or even a discounted rewards package or deal for happy and satisfied patients and clients for their next visit or treatment.

Utilize E-Mail & Text Reminder Systems

Finally, but just as importantly, instead of purely concentrating on the reaching out to new, potential clients to register with your practice, you should also be concentrating on engaging with patients who have visited your clinic in the past.

The most effective and exceedingly affordable way to do this is the implementation of an e-mail or SMS-based reminder system, whereby you can prompt them to confirm an appointment and send regular reminders that their next dental check-up is about to be due. 

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