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What are the Benefits of Health Card in Today’s Era

by Ameli
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Health is probably the most important aspect in one’s life. It is not only physically healthy but mentally and socially too. In what ways can you maintain your health? Go for routine check-ups, have a routine exercising schedule are some of the ways. The popular adage  – prevention is better than cure, should be something that one should believe in. A situation when due to financial constraints you cannot take care of your health should not arise. So, opt for health insurance as soon as possible if you don’t have one already. A good health insurance policy will be your savior when you get sick. Now, not getting proper health insurance is not the only thing that you need. You will also need a good health card too. You might ask what a health card is? Let us tell you something about it. 

What is a Health Card?

Today’s world is a digitalised one. Most aspects have become digitalised and to our benefit.  In this world of digitalization, in the health sector, we now have the health card. So what exactly is a health card? It is your health details in a technological format along with your personal details and health policy details. It has the provision to provide the health card holder cashless options for payment arising when  you are hospitalised. When you present the health card to pay your medical bills during hospitalization or when getting discharged from the hospital, the card will digitally analyse the health card to see what kind of monetary coverage can you avail for the treatment you are undergoing or the treatment that you underwent. These cards enhance the quality of healthcare. 

Details Present in a Health Card

The health card will contain your personal details like your name and UIDAI number and contact information. It will contain details of your health insurance including the policy name, the company from which it is, the policy number, the sum assured etc. The card will be individualistic to everyone and hence shall be unique to anyone holding it. 

Access to a Health Card

While taking your health insurance, you can get  your health card allocated. Bajaj Finserv is one such provider. If you are a single holder of health insurance you will get your individual health card. If you have family health insurance, each member of the family will get their individual health card. Some providers provide a single health card for the whole family. 

Benefits of Health Card

A medical emergency can crop up at any time. Having a health card from a good provider has many benefits. Few of them are mentioned below

  1. Details 

All the relevant details of your health insurance are digitally in that card. You will not have to bring the physical copy of the health insurance. It becomes so much simpler and saves a lot of time. Even for the hospital authorities, it becomes simpler as all the details they need are available digitally. 

  1. Proof of Identity

The health card provides your identity too as it contains your UID number. It will be the validity that you are insured under this particular health policy of which particular health insurance provider. 

  1. Cashless Claims

The health card provides you a great benefit of cashless claims. The card holder can easily file the claim on the medical expenses that have been incurred. Also, it can be used at pharmacies, diagnostic centres and hospitals to pay the charges. 

  1. Convenience

Having a health card from a good provider is a matter of convenience. It can easily be carried in your wallet or purse. It has your identity proof too. As  a result of this, while claiming benefits you don’t need to hand out additional identification papers. The staff of the hospital dealing with the claim has all the necessary information at their fingertips. 

  1. Validity

The date of the expiration of the health insurance is recorded in the health card. You will get the required information that the health insurance is expiring and you need to renew it.

Where can the Health card Be Used?

Your health insurance provider will have tie-ups with hundreds of hospitals where your health card can be used. It can be used for the treatment of a variety of health issues like fractures, eye problems, tooth problems like root canal treatment, diagnostics, stem cell banking etc. 


Having the right health card from a company like Bajaj Finserv has many benefits and brings convenience to both the claimant and the hospital from which the claim has been seeked. You should always carry your health card with you at all times as you are never aware when a medical emergency can crop up. If you have taken a family coverage, all members of the family should know about the benefits of the card to the best of their knowledge. Visit the website of Bajaj Finserv for detailed  information. Having the possession of a health card is a practical solution to necessary requirements. 

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