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Duties of a quantity surveyor in construction

by James
Duties of a quantity surveyor in construction

Though we have taken up about Duties of a quantity surveyor in construction which not so much to give you explicit and coherent knowledge on this.In this session we will write in depth.

The contacts he select negotiating of those can be simple or sometimes very complex which mainly depend on the scope of the works and their terms and conditions.

In this situation a quantity surveyor’s duty would be going through the documents which reported terms and conditions of contracts  and reviewing thoroughly to reach the right decision for both parties.To keep the project on track making happy all parties  before signing wisely is the  most important duty of  a Quantity Surveyor.

So, Let us take a fresh on the main duties of the quantity surveyor in the construction industry:

Dispute resolution and claims

To develop the construction management and working with it  forth it is a Quantity Surveyor who  make sure the project employs best interest are kept in mind during the negotiations.

During this process creating dispute is nothing new while certain conditions in contracts may be set up to protect one party but not the other which would mean they are seems unfair to them. While holding on to balance ones that take must negotiations between the parties from these general causes.

Sometimes making the agreement will be uncertain, and one party walk away from the project. Now a Quantity Surveyor tries to convince them by overseeing payments, valuing completed work and theirs others interest to prevent all sorts of dispute. 

When it can not be presented to the party’s  business interests QS goes through another meeting of tenders from contractors and subcontractors and, where appropriate negotiate with the contractors.

In few cases poorly negotiated contracts can cause of various disputes, delays and disruption to the project which could not be good for anyone. For ensuring untroubled project from the beginning to end a Quantity Surveyor must be careful  during this stage s once the contracts are signed when they come legally binding on all parties to make it successful on  it’s projected time and budget.

If the QS can reconcile both of the parties  some commercial risks and losses prevents automatically. When the contracts have been signed and executed the project can begin which leads to a Quantity Surveyor to the duties during the project on the next level.With years of outstanding experience and good academic knowledge would be helpful to come out from this situation.

Contract Adminstration:

Generally in this stage of any project  a Quantity Surveyor perform the duty as contact administrator which start once the contacts are signed and the work in underway.This time the contact will have certain deadlines that must be meet, and  a Quantity Surveyor should have advanced level of knowledge to face them rightly. 

Now, the administration to help the project flow with minimal disputes between the parties sorted all the complexities. After monitoring the pre-budgeted the QS make sure the contact is administered to the full effect for their employer’s benefit which is elementary phases of development.

Every of the period of project  a Quantity Surveyor updated himself for circumstance requirement like he wears various hats. Once the project is completed the QS will have several duties one after another such as -finalize the contact, settle the outstanding monies which also known as the final account and make sure the project is finished from the paperwork point of view. Whenever the contact is finished the parties move onto the next project and Quantity Surveyor set up the  plans for field task. In preparation for upcoming projects, the Quantity Surveyor stays abreast of industry advancements and attends relevant events like World of Concrete 2024 to enhance their knowledge and network with professionals in the field.

But it is worth of talking that if disputes arise between the parties to the contracts during the project Quantity Surveyor duty is assisted with resolving these disputes to keep in mind of both parties benefit, point of view and predetermined budget and value of the project.

To do this the Quantity Surveyor would have a detailed and something complexed understanding of the project which required plenty of professional experience while he might be able to offer advice and reasoning to reach a worthwhile decision.

Providing the right and favorable resolve is not possible every time even by the Quantity Surveyor. Even through this would lead the parties using legal teams to argue to disputes which may end up in legal battles taking years to resolve  where  a Quantity Surveyor can call upon to give information or potential to be expert witness during these witnesses during the cases with tricks and valid outcome solutions.

A Quantity Surveyor also will choose the way to minimize disputes, delays, disruption and cost escalation on the project by identifying risks analyzing before, running period and after construction to manage these risks throughout the life of the project which can fail to get complete the project in timeline and expecting value of the money.

From keen observation of a Quantity Surveyor duties includes  contractual relationship where  he/she would maintain a project risks register, who can easily identify potential problems that may occur on the job. However, those things create bad weather of working or delayed in a major supply item like a steel frame or entire project outcome.

Again, a Quantity Surveyor can focus on the risk from forecasting which can be happened while the main take is finding out the appropriate strategy to minimize the risk impact on the project  and able complete the work on created initial estimated budget requirements.

Risk Management:

The duty of the QS would be to maintain a project risks register. The risk register would identify potential problems that may occur on the job, things like bad weather or a delay in a major supply item like a steel frame. The register would zero in on the danger and probability of the issue occurring. There would then be a strategy to minimize the risk impact on the project.

When any project needs any changes in design and updating budget, a Quantity Surveyor advising managers and clients on improvements and new strategies. Plus he would help their clients to manage the project to find alternative methods, products, supplier or builders for the projects which are cheaper but retain the quality to make bland pre-budget and need deals. To this stage smoothly he reviews construction entire budget and negotiate with other parties.  

Therefore, an example will clear the idea, with same quality of paint or concrete may have various price per brand popularity. While a Quantity Surveyor’s duty is to advise their employer to use  the cheaper one in the project at all.

To ensure good profit this is an important duty which the client may have high quality project but at a reduced cost over the other documentations. 

We have highlighted the main duties of a Quantity Surveyor which helps to provide accurate information  to make any report or advise anyone who is interest to become a Quantity Surveyor or to inform their clients of a Quantity Surveyor service.

To make anyone pretty clear about the roles of a Quantity Surveyor in various company and sector, our next blog can be reliable and efficient.

With the above-mentioned qualities any of companies such a client side or practice Quantity Surveyor, a builder or contractor Quantity Surveyor, a subcontractor  Quantity Surveyor or few  others types of roles they can play while have relevant experience in different fields.


Hopefully you are now after reading this blog on What are the Duties of a Quantity Surveyor,  you are well known about duties which are performed a Quantity Surveyor in various stages daily or periodically  and throughout the cycle of a project. 

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