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10+ Tips to Increase Your School Event Campaign Reach

by James
10+ Tips to Increase Your School Event Campaign Reach

There are numerous moving parts, stakeholders and ways to spread the word when it comes to promoting a school event. Every day, there are new outlets for social media promotion, and there are always changing ways of promoting. This means you have endless possibilities and options.

It’s easy to become stuck in a rut with school event promotion’s “standard plays.” Depending on the size, scope, and style of event, you owe it to the entire school community to extend yourself and use all of the resources available to you.

School communications professionals have never had so many tools and approaches at their disposal to promote school events. I’m here to help you review not only the tried-and-true fundamentals, but – be warned – we could get a little weird along the way.

An environmentally friendly or green event considers the event’s environmental impact, as well as the suppliers and companies represented.

Perhaps, with proper organisation and execution, your event might be not only tremendously popular, but also award-winning by national standards. School activities are critical contact points for the whole school community, so make every effort to capitalise on them before, during, and after the event.

Here are some tips to ensure that the word about your next school event reaches as many people as possible.

Obtain the Information

It makes no difference if your school event is the 142nd homecoming parade, a welcome-back-to-school ice cream social, or a groundbreaking ceremony; first and foremost, you must acquire the information and have your facts right.

Sure, it seems clear, even simple, but isn’t it often easier said than done? Confirming the fundamentals, such as the date, time, attendees, and other data, takes patience and double-checking.

It’s always a good idea to follow certain best practices for event advertising to make sure you’ve covered all of your bases. The National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) and our other school communicators are excellent resources for keeping us all on track.

It’s critical to get your facts accurate ahead of time and after the event, whether it’s for pre-event advertising to raise awareness and attendance or post-event promotion to document the event. So, what’s the plan?

Make a Decision On a Point of Contact

The army of committed and talented volunteers that can assist make the event so vibrant and successful is a blessing showered upon many school events and activities. All of this assistance might also make things more complicated because there are often distinct points for different components of the event.

Do you require information for the pre- and post-party? Please contact Mary. Do you want to learn more about a special guest? Please contact Sheryl. Before you know it, you’ve established a list of 12 individuals to contact in order to gather everything you’ll need to properly market the event.

Make sure that each event has a designated point of contact. You will communicate with only one person if you choose an event point person (assuming you are not both the event organiser and the event promoter). They will filter all information to you, and you will filter all information back to her or him. It’s a lovely thing.

Recognize Your Target Market

So you have all of the material – facts, possible supporting images, online connections, and anything else about the event that you believe would pique the interest of your stakeholders.

Please be patient. When I say “stakeholder,” you know I’m talking about parents, community members, kids, employees, journalists, alums, and anybody else who cares about your school system, right? Just checking to make sure we’re on the same page.

Some stakeholders, such as your parents, are more efficiently addressed through one channel than another. However, if time and other resources allow, go broad and loud, because everyone should be aware of your school event.

Cover All the Basics When it Comes to School Advertising

Here is a down to business rundown of where you certainly need to post data about your occasion, to promote it in advance… and a while later, so far as that is concerned. If you’ve posted a secret story or picture in one spot before an occasion, try to likewise send a recap or picture after the occasion. 

Site for Your Region

This is vital. Each connection and post you put out there should drive individuals back to the report you have posted on your region site about the occasion. Your school site is your substance center. Stay up with the latest. While you’re busy, ensure your school site highlights strong, easy to understand, available plans.

Internet-Based Media 

It’s the 21st century, so every school area ought to essentially have Facebook and Twitter accounts, isn’t that so? In the event that you don’t, make your records today. Try not to stow away from online media – it’s staying put, people, and it’s the ideal opportunity for you to present yourself if you haven’t done as such as of now. No loners here. 

After a short time, web-based media will beat every other channel with regards to advancing school occasions. Remember the extremely visual media that everybody cherishes nowadays: Youtube and Instagram. While not close to as well known as Facebook, Instagram for schools is a fast and simple way of taking care of photograph content straightforwardly to your school’s Facebook page. 

For those of you searching for great assets on using web-based media in your school, allude to this article on Creating an Effective School Facebook Page, and this video on Using Twitter to Improve School Communication. past papers is more helpful material for exam preparation

Declarations Made by the School

Try not to neglect the self-evident. Your school building staff in all probability makes declarations over the public location framework to the understudies, so this is a happy chance to elevate your occasion to the understudy body.

In our region, Mariemont City Schools, the structure secretaries additionally post the every day declarations on our region site, and guardians can prefer this element. So guardians – our essential crowd – get messages each day containing the day by day declarations. 

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Discussing email, convey a short yet sweet email to your parents, staff and (when relevant) understudy dispersion records. Here and there even only a secret snippet will do, with a connection (you got it) back to more data on the local site.

Invest some energy on a snappy title to get more openings. Assuming you need to, you can create a school flyer: certain individuals like connections on their messages; certain individuals would prefer to go right to the source. 

Distributions in Close Nearby

In case you’re similar to me, your school locale covers more than one local area. Getting references to local distributions is an extraordinary way of hitting your local area individuals comprehensively and straightforwardly. Get to know and be aware of distribution cutoff times – some local area distributions need the data a month or longer ahead of time. 


You can attempt to contribute to the TV stations in your region however ensure your occasion is outwardly engaging and ensure you’re reaching the right individual or office at the TV station. Nobody utilizes fax any longer to send discharges, so email the individual or office. Circle back to a call, and request the task editorial manager.

You can as a rule find all station contact data on the station’s site. For TV, send your delivery seven days early around the same time of the week and time that your occasion will be occurring. Then, at that point, send it again the other day and the day of. Accommodating tip: Tag the TV station(s) in your Twitter posts. 

Publication of News

Remember the tried and true and demonstrated news discharge. A very much created news delivery can be repurposed across many channels, incorporating those recorded in this article. Nancy Gier at PTO Today presents a strong article on the best way to compose a powerful official statement. 

Presently I guaranteed you we would get freaky, so here we go: 


If your administrator has a blog (and the individual ought to, regardless of whether you’re secretly composing its vast majority), then, at that point, notice the occasion in the blog. Perhaps your blog is about custom – mesh the homecoming occasion into the blog.

Keep in mind, individuals need to see something multiple times before it registers (or then again in case you’re another parent like me, you want to see something somewhere multiple times before your languid cerebrum enlists any blips on the radar). 

A Portable Application for School 

Woah. Presently we’re talking insanely. If your school region has a school portable application, and it’s anything but an impractical notion to have one, then, at that point, convey a pop-up message about the occasion. Something quick and painless. Preferably it connects back to the full article on your local site. 

Media for Understudies

Getting understudies to advance school exercises is extraordinarily incredible. Perhaps your secondary school has a radio program, webcast or something of that nature. A few schools presently even have their own Youtube channel. Pay the understudies in Chipotle gift vouchers to make reference to the occasion subtleties.

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