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Tamil Nadu Board – Samacheer Kalvi Need and Importance

Tamil Nadu Board Samacheer Kalvi Need and Importance

Samacheer Kalvi is the system of providing equal education to the students of Tamil Nadu. This system includes uniform evaluation, exam pattern and syllabus. By offering this type of education, all the students, irrespective of their caste, religion or language, will be able to reach their career goals. To make the education system more effective, the Samacheer Kalvi Thittam is designed by the educational experts of the state.

Classes 10 and 12 are essential stages in a student’s life. These mainly help them decide the path that is right for them in the future. Students are advised to use the Samacheer Kalvi 8th Books for all the subjects to learn the basic concepts efficiently. It contains suitable explanations and examples for a better understanding among the students. If a student is thorough with the textbook content, there is no way to lose marks in the final examination.

Students should use the Samacheer Kalvi Books as the subject experts design them based on the latest syllabus. The critical concepts are discussed from the exam perspective. It will give students a firm hold on a particular subject’s fundamentals and help them quickly face the exams. It is considered one of the best materials for students preparing for competitive exams at the state level. 

Need of Samacheer Kalvi 

  1. Reduces the Pressure on the Education System

The education system in the state makes the teachers and parents pressure the students. For this reason, Samacheer Kalvi provides students with equal education, which offers equal opportunities. The main reason behind this is that no student should miss a chance to achieve their career goals because of the syllabus. 

  1. New Teaching Methodologies

The Samacheer Kalvi system makes the faculty follow new teaching methods to enhance students’ interest in learning new things. The concepts learnt in primary school form the base of various vital topics in higher education. For this reason, students are advised to pay attention to all the concepts discussed during class hours.

  1. Better Knowledge of Important Concepts

The Samacheer Kalvi System, followed by the TN board, offers a good hold on the basic concepts among students. The textbooks are designed and published by experts in a particular subject to provide quality education to the students. By referring to the study materials prescribed by the board, students will be able to score full marks in their final exams.

Importance of Samacheer Kalvi in TN

  1. All the children of the state will be able to get equal opportunities without any discrimination.
  2. Samacheer Kalvi will remove the disparity between students of urban and rural areas. 
  3. It will reduce the commercialisation of private schools, which costs more when compared to public schools.
  4. Students will be able to find the natural talent which is hidden in them. 
  5. The teaching techniques can be improved, which in turn increases the interest of students in learning it.
  6. It is a child-focused education to make it a single autonomous board of the state.
  7. Drop out of students will decrease with time.

Equal education in the state will increase literacy rates and help students of lower classes to lead a good life. Students will be able to self analyse the subject they are strong at and work on them for a better career. Samacheer Kalvi 7th Books available for each subject can be referred to by the students who aspire to score higher grades in their exams. 

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