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4 Benefits of Reading as a Hobby

Reading as a Hobby

For some people, reading as a hobby has been a part of their life since they could remember, with a book always on the go and shelves stocked and ready. For others, they might not own a single book and wonder how people can sit there for hours on end simply reading. 

Reading as a hobby certainly isn’t for everyone, but there are undoubtedly many benefits to trying it. Reading as a hobby doesn’t mean you have to read for several hours straight or become a self-confessed bibliophile. Even getting half an hour of reading in once a day means you can reap the benefits the world of reading offers. 

So, if it’s something you’ve been considering taking up, or else maybe you want to step out of your comfort zone and try a completely new pastime, here are four benefits of reading and why you should try it. 

  1. It’s the Perfect Versatile Time-Filler 

Some hobbies need a lot of preparation and investment and may need time set aside for them, like playing sports on the court or booking time in at the gym. Reading, however, has no boundaries. You can take a book everywhere with you, and all it takes is reaching into your bag whenever you need. Reading is ideal for those moments on lunch breaks, during the wait for an appointment, or maybe passing the time while your train is late. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, reading is always permissible. 

  1. It Can Help You Explore Your Faith and Spirituality 

Faith and spirituality play a huge part in your daily life and who you are as a person. Whether you’re religious, spiritual, or still trying to find what you believe in, reading can open up a whole world for that. You might want to read non-fiction books about religion to learn more about what speaks to you – or you may want to enjoy books with your own beliefs in mind, like Seagull Book’s Christian fiction books.

  1. It Builds Your Vocabulary 

Reading is the perfect pastime if you’re looking to learn more – and specifically learn new words and phrases – while also enjoying a relaxing activity. You don’t have to go for the biggest and most complex books, either – simply reading in general, whether it’s a children’s book or casual fiction, will help you to get familiar with more and more words as you go, as well as improved sentence structure and ways of description. 

  1. It Can Help for Better Sleep

If you’re someone who lies awake at night tossing and turning or finds themselves reaching for their phone to scroll on while lying in bed, reading could be the bedtime pastime for you. Reading even just for half an hour before sleep can not only help you to relax but can also leave your eyes feeling more tired so that you can more easily drop off to sleep – compared to staring at a phone screen before sleep, which can have you feeling more awake. So you might want to switch that social media for a good book. 

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