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How to beat stress and communicate clearly at work

by Tom
stress and communicate clearly at work

Stress gets to everyone in troubled times, especially if people are working in an environment like a surgery or a hospital, where periods of calm are few and far between. This can put lives at risk if workers end up caving at the wrong times, and this is not just front-line care staff, but everyone, including those on reception. In such high-stress environments, if one person doesn’t do their job well and miscommunicates, patients will most likely suffer the consequences.

For that reason, fluent communication is needed all day, every day, with no room for error.  Here is how to keep your communication levels clear, in times of severe stress. 

How to keep proper communication with your patients and clients

This can always be a bit of a head-scratcher – how do you know which way is the best way to contact them. You might find that emailing them, sending letters, texting, and phoning, are all good ways of helping your business remain in close contact with your patients and your clients. 

However, sometimes you might be ignored, or have real difficulty getting through to them, so you might need to enlist in some extra help, to ensure you receive a response from them. You might want to invest in communication software such as Brevium, which can help you to remind patients of appointments, and guarantee they’ll always see your attempts to contact them. 

How to keep strong communication within your internal staff

You might find that to achieve this, it’s important to invest in high-quality internal communication software, to help keep your employees in the loop. This could be the ideal solution to resolving internal problems, and help you to allocate the workload among your admin staff. It can also enable you and your staff to be more organized, by keeping business systems functioning more efficicently, which in turn, can boost morale levels in pressurized environments.

It can also be beneficial for you to invest in company phones, or walkie-talkies, to help your site team manage incidences quickly, especially if you operate on a large plot. Patients might fall over, need special access, or have other immediate requirements, so you need to make sure that your team is available and ready to leap into action, as soon as something needs to be done on-site. 

A few final thoughts

In conclusion, you might find that it is very difficult to keep communication levels high, in a stressful environment. Poor communication can be detrimental to the whole purpose of any facility, especially a medical one. You can improve external messaging by investing in specialist software and services, as well as improving internal messaging, by ensuring that everyone has a portable device on their person at all times, so they can intervene, wherever they are. In addition to this, you could use communication software for your office, to promote better teamwork in that environment too. In any business setting, clear communication is a priority.

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