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Why You Need a Faucet Filter for Home

by Tom
Why You Need a Faucet Filter for Home

Drinking water is one of the most essential components of survival and yet, many people seldom give any thought to the quality of water they consume. They believe that bottled water is the exclusive solution to quenching their thirst. However, there is a lack of scientific evidence concerning the purity of bottled water too. There are almost 600 million households that rely on bottled water for regular use rather than drinking tap water. Installing a water dispenser faucet in your kitchen is a much more affordable and viable option for everyday use.

What is a Faucet Filter?

A faucet filter is a filter that can be installed in the tap to remove the presence of lead from drinking water. This makes the water safe for consumption. Tap water can have chlorine and mineral content which make it unhealthy for drinking. Moreover, if you have corroded pipes, the metal shavings and sediments get accumulated in the water supply. Hence, faucet filters can be used to defend these particles from affecting the drinking water and also help it taste better. 

What are the Contaminants Present in Tap Water?

Installing a valve fitting in your faucet for water filtration is an indispensable need. Source water or tap water may contain various contaminants which may not be visible to the naked eye which is as follows.

  1. Microbial contaminants: Contaminants like bacteria and viruses coming from septic systems, sewage treatment plants, livestock operations, and the like are present in the source water.
  1. Pesticides and herbicides: This may enter through agricultural, residential, or urban stormwater runoff sources.
  1. Inorganic contaminants: These are contaminants such as metals and salts. They can occur naturally due to domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater, mining, farming, oil production, stormwater runoff, and gas production.
  1. Radioactive contaminants: These contaminants occur naturally too. It can result from mining activities, gas, and oil production. 
  1. Organic Chemicals: These are by-products resulting from industrial processes, septic systems, petroleum production, urban stormwater runoff, and the like.  They are volatile and synthetic chemicals.

What is the Significance of a Faucet Filter for Your Home?

There are many reasons why a sink filtered water dispenser is necessary for your home and some of these are as follows.

  1. Reduces Bacteria Buildup 

Drinking water is a need that households require every day and tap water is the easy solution to drink water on the go. However, they may contain harmful bacteria. Faucet filters are extremely helpful in reducing and removing the build-up of bacteria from source water due to their advanced filter presence. 

  1. Removes Lead Presence 

Many household pipes contain lead or use it for brass fixtures. When corrosion takes place over time, the metal can dissolve and lead to a chemical reaction that leaches the lead in the water. Modern faucet filters are designed to combat this occurrence to make the source water safe to consume. 

  1. Eliminates Contaminants

Ultimately, the main reason why installing pipe valves and fittings in your faucet is extremely necessary is because filters remove contaminants. There may be many contaminants lingering in the source or tap water and without a filter, getting rid of them can be impossible. 

Final Thoughts 

Good health is an essential requisite for a quality life for which staying hydrated throughout the day is essential. Having access to clean tap water in your home is one of the most important things you should stress upon. Without a faucet filter, you may not be able to see the impurities, dust particles, contaminants, and the like present in the water. Hence, installing valves and fittings in your kitchen can come in handy. This installation is not just an investment for your home, it is an investment for your health too. You can shop online from a wide range of faucets and filters in Wise Water Alfa Heating Company. You can rely on this online store for convenient and quality delivery of the products. 

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