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The Extra Ordinary Connection between Women and Cannabis Industry.

by Ashley

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  • The human body has an endocannabinoid system that is involved in many physiological processes.
  • Cannabis can be used to treat or relieve symptoms of various medical conditions.
  • Cannabis can also be used as a recreational drug, which is legal for adults aged 21 and over in Washington State.
  • Smoking cannabis releases chemicals into the bloodstream more quickly than swallowing it.
  • THC is the main chemical in cannabis plants. It makes you feel good and other stuff.
  • Some people experience negative effects from using too much cannabis – these are called “cannabis side effects.”

The cannabis industry has been booming in the last decade, and women are taking over. In fact, there is a higher percentage of female business owners than male business owners in the cannabis industry.

This blog post will explore this growing trend and how it relates to custom tincture packaging for your emerging businesses. The cannabis industry is changing, and women are at the forefront of that change. Gone are outdated stereotypes about consumers. Women now make up 50% or more in many states where weed has been legalized. In their place come successful leaders who will lead us to new heights with creativity and innovation.

A brief history of cannabis

The cannabis plant has been used by humans for thousands of years. Historians think that only men used the herb until Queen Victoria’s era. Women started smoking cigarettes to help with their cramps and other problems.

The University of Mississippi Potency Monitoring Project found that THC levels increased during this time period as well. The study suggests that people may have started to develop better ways to consume marijuana, or the levels of the psychoactive element might have become stronger.

By 1960, however, there was a shift away from medical use towards recreational purposes. Cannabis popularity waned over the next few decades. People were worried about how it would make people feel and what it would do to them.

But there were also people who thought cannabis had good medicinal benefits. It wasn’t until 1996-1997 that California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana in the U.S.

The benefits of using cannabis for women

First, cannabis is known to be one of the most effective ways for women suffering from PMS or menopause symptoms.

Nowadays, a lot of women use CBD and weed-related products. Female entrepreneurs have changed the game by opening stores that sell these things. There’s also a great number of female-led companies that have received funding.

Marijuana Business Daily’s list includes Mary’s Medicinals, medical herbalist Amanda Brunke (founder), Euflora dispensaries, CannLabs Inc., Flowhub Technologies Inc., Sagely Naturals (founded by Jessica Assaf), among others. There is no doubt that the weed market is growing, and it’s not just for men.

Why are women the driving force behind the cannabis industry?

Women are the driving force of any industry, and the cannabis industry is no exception. Some of them have been using marijuana for decades to help with menstrual cramps. At the same time, others are experiencing weed for the first time after being diagnosed with cancer or epilepsy.

Cannabis has helped many women deal with their chronic conditions in a way that prescription drugs never could. They are making it an attractive business opportunity. Women represent nearly 60 percent of all health care decision-makers in America, so they are able to influence what products people use. It means companies need to start looking at this demographic when marketing their product because females control 70% – 80% of household spending.

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What makes female entrepreneurs successful? Women have more success in this space because they are patient, persistent and they do not give up easily. They also tend to have good knowledge of their market because they live in it.”

The Boom of Cannabis Industry

Cannabis is a booming industry expected to reach $20 billion by 2020. However, the number of women entrepreneurs is still low at about 30 percent, according to Marijuana Business Daily. Men don’t dominate this space completely. Women own dispensaries, too.

There were more female dispensary owners in California last year than males, and that was nearly double from the year before. A lot of people think that if more states allow adults to buy and use cannabis, it will be easier for women to start their own businesses. There are now four states that allow adults to buy cannabis.

The Positive Impact of Cannabis on the Human Body

  • Cannabis is not addictive.
  • Cannabis can be used to treat chronic pain, nausea, and other symptoms.
  • Cannabis has been shown to reduce anxiety in some people.
  • Smoking cannabis does not increase the risk of lung cancer or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Cannabinoids may help protect brain cells from damage caused by Alzheimer’s-related chemicals.
  • Cannabinoids can make you feel happier and more relaxed.

Cannabis can be used to treat or relieve symptoms of various medical conditions.

Cannabis can help you relax and sleep. Legalizing Cannabis Can Improve Public Health. The medicinal benefits of cannabis are extensive.

There is evidence that the use of marijuana for nausea, pain relief, anxiety, loss of appetite in chemotherapy patients. That undergo radiation therapy has been recognized by oncologists as far back as 1976. When New Mexico became the first state to allow compassionate medical access.

Marijuana products have become increasingly more potent over time, with some having THC levels exceeding 20%. Research shows that more students are getting punished at school for drug use. That could be because they are using drugs, or it could be because the rules at school are stricter. Schools also punish people for failing classes.


Get the best tincture packaging from custom packaging manufacturers usa. Cannabis is a plant with medicinal and recreational properties that has been used since the time of ancient civilizations.

Cannabis can help with various medical conditions. It is good for treating or relieving symptoms from conditions, including glaucoma, cancer, chronic pain, and arthritis. Smoking cannabis releases chemicals into your bloodstream more quickly than swallowing it, so you feel the effects faster.

THC is a chemical in cannabis plants. It makes you feel good and can help with nausea that is caused by chemotherapy treatments.

Marijuana can also be used to treat anxiety disorders, including PTSD. Because it regulates emotions which helps promote relaxation without feeling high or intoxicated.

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